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Grade School Uniform

Daily Uniform

The Blouse

GSAVC_8205• White with RUFFLES (NOT PLEATS) along the collar and sleeves

• It has a STRING SEWN at the back of the blouse which is to be tied snugly and not loosely around the waist to hold the blouse in place so as to keep sides tucked neatly  into the skirt waistband and NOT HANGING OUT LOOSELY.

•All buttons from neck down should be done up and the automatic snap under the left collar should always be snapped on.

The Jumper Skirt

• Dark navy blue (material:  PONTE DE ROMA)

• The straps should fit well on the torso.

How to test if the strap is loose:  Take each strap at the point of the shoulders and pull up. If the strap comes up by more than 1 inch over the shoulders, then it is too loose.

• Grade level badge is sewn onto the left strap and must be visible below the left collar (2 fingers above the chest strap).

• Chest strap must have 3 white buttons on each side.

• The waistband of the skirt should not be loose and should be at the waistline and not at hipline.

• Skirt line should be hanging well with nothing heavy in the pocket to cause the skirt line to lose its symmetry.

• The hemline should be no more or less than 2 inches after the kneecap (from the lowest point of the knee).

(See detailed description of the Grade School Daily Uniform)


• Plain white socks with no logos, raffles/laces  or embroidery designs of any kind.

• Socks which are more than 2 inches from the ankle bone should be folded and not rolled down; and those which are 2 inches from the ankle bone (from the highest point of the ankle bone) or shorter should be left unfolded.

• The following socks are not allowed – SPORTS SOCKS, TUBE SOCKS, and KNEE HIGHS.


• Closed, low heeled (no more than 1 inch high), plain and black (including heels and thread) shoes.

• The following are not allowed – shoes with large buckles, suede shoes, nubuck, and bulldog shoes.

Gala Uniform

GSAVC_8216 GSAVC_8229is worn on official special occasions.  It should follow the official pattern:

• Hemline must be no longer than mid-calf (between the knee and ankle bone).  

• Must be worn with white, cream or beige undergarments, 

• Skin-toned stockings 

• Ecru pumps with at least 1” heels.  

• Shoes must be closed; no open-toed or open-heeled shoes. 

(See detailed description of the Grade School Gala Uniform: Gala Uniform (Grades 1 to 4) | Gala Uniform (Grades 5 to 6)

• For students wearing short sleeves gala uniform flat shoes with white socks should be worn. 

• Only when in long sleeves gala can a student wear shoes with at least 1” heels and nylon stockings.

Wearing of Sunday Attire / Theater Clothes

• Dressy but not too frilly and appropriate for the occasion.

• NO sleeveless and haltered dresses / blouses spaghetti straps / strapless (tube) mini and tight fitting skirts/dressesmaong pants/capri pants

• NO wearing of step-ins / slip-ons clogs, sandals

Filipiniana Dress

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Grade 5 Filipiniana Dress – TBA