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The activities that fall under this category are offered in the following clubs:

Religious Clubs

Academic Clubs

Performing Arts Club

• Holy Childhood
• Marian Circle
• Little Angels
• Kids Praise Ministry
• Bible Explorers
• PAX Enthusiasts

• Book Lovers’ Club 
• Young Historians’ Club 
• Computer Club 
• Eureka
• Green Thumb 
• Science Club 
• Little Bluestockings
• Debaters Club
• Young Entrepreneur
• Catalysts

• Color Mixers 
• Young Artists’ Club 
• Art Club 
• Singing Angels
• Children’s Choir
• Folk Musicians
• Little Picasso
• Recorder Flute
• Ethnic Ensemble
• Bazooksy
• Ballet/Gymnastics
• Little Chefs
• Homemakers Club 
• Rhythmizettes 
• Dance Club
• Galaw Pinoy Dance Troupe
• Creative Hands

Service Clubs

Sports Clubs

• LRC Club
• Scouting Movement
 -Star Scouts (Grades 1, 2, 3)
 -Junior Girl Scouts
• Munting Barangay 
(Lower House)
• Munting Barangay 
(Upper House)
• Junior Benedictine Volunteer
• Young Mentors (Grades 3-6)


• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Swimming
• Taekwondo
• Badminton
• Pep Squad

Membership in most clubs is voluntary, within the application form signed by the parents. Club meetings are held once a year in most clubs after class hours. 

However, there are clubs that are invitational because of certain qualifications. These clubs are the following: Eureka, Catalyst, Little Bluestockings, Little Picasso, Recorder and Ethnic Ensemble. The others fall under Sports Clubs for varsity teams, whose members can meet twice or thrice a week. They are also under the supervision of the Subject Area and Special Programs Coordinator. Clubs meetings are being held on weekdays after class hours.