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TNSB 21Who are the Street people?

They are families who live 24 hours a day in the streets   in   and around their “ kariton” or wooden push carts or pedicabs that serve as “home” at night and as “working place” for gathering and transporting garbage during daytime.

Most “kariton” parents have hardly had any schooling which make it difficult for them to find work.


 TNSB 22

 TNSB 23

• To provide a temporary shelter where weary street dwellers could drop-in to rest awhile and get a chance to catch their breath and their bearings;

• To provide formation, leadership and skills training that will help them to regain their self respect;

• To support the self-help livelihood initiatives among the street families toward their economic upliftment; and / or process their return to the province, when they so decide;

• To develop a referral system with other social agencies for services that go beyond the limited means of Tuluyan; and

•To initiate a simple mobile library for “street children”.