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General Policies

coll studs at the field2In accordance with the requirements set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the following guidelines are observed with respect to student activities:

1. Unlawful and illegal activities contrary to good morals are prohibited.

2. Authority to Operate – The Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) has the authority to regulate the establishment and operation of student organizations, upon compliance with the requirements, prescribed under these rules, subject, however, to the supervisory regulatory authority of the CHED Chair over all government and non- government schools, and to revoke or cause the revocation of the authority to operate granted to student organizations for cause.

3. Supervision of Student Activities – It shall be the responsibility of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs (ADSA) to supervise and regulate the operations as well as activities of all duly recognized student organizations, for the purpose of directing as well as maximizing efforts toward the attainment of their avowed and approved objectives.

4. Procedures in Forming a Student Organization

4.1 Application – Any group of ten students may apply with the Dean of Student Affairsto organize and operate a student organization, provided, however, that for the specific purpose of accreditation of such organization, the total membership thereof shall not be less than thirty (30) students at the time of issuance of its certificate of recognition and provided, further, that the membership of such organization shall be limited to bona fide students of the school.

4.2  Accreditation/Re-accreditation of Student Organizations – This is facilitated by a screening committee composed of the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA), Associate to the Dean of Student Affairs (ADSA), and Student Organization Chairperson (SOC).

4.3 Requirements for Accreditation  Every accredited or recognized student organization shall be registered with SAO. For this purpose the following shall be required:

4.3.1 A copy of the approved constitution and by-laws of the organization, signed by the initial set of officers. The Constitution and By-law should conform to institutional requirements set by the DSA.

4.3.2 A list of the initial set of officers and members of the organization, including an indication of their respective positions and their respective specimen signatures. The list of officers should include the Outreach Liaison Officer as part of the executive board of the organization.

4.3.3 A flowchart of activities for the school year with the corresponding budget proposal.

4.3.4 Attendance to the May and October Scholastican Leaders’ Training (SLT) and the OLO exposure immersion is a pre-requisite to the availment of the SAO Budget for accredited organizations. There are also basic requirements for re-accreditation of organizations.

4.4 Certificate of Recognition – A corresponding letter of recognition shall be issued to each student organization upon full compliance with the requirements herein prescribed, provided, however, that such certificate shall be effective for three (3) school years only and may be renewed after such period.

4.5 On membership

4.5.1 A bona fide student may belong to not more than three (3) organizations.

4.6 On Officership

4.6.1 A student may hold a major position in one organization only. Members of the student organization are encouraged to become officers of their respective organizations. There shall be at least four (4) officers for each organization; namely:

President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer

4.7 Renewal of Registration and Re-accreditation – A yearly re-accreditation of all student organizations shall take place on the last Friday of June when the organization submits to SAO the following:

4.7.1 Letter of intent to the DSA signifying application for re-accreditation of the organization, signed by the newly elected officers. (SAO form 55)

4.7.2 List of at least 30 new and old members with their respective signatures

4.7.3 Copy of Constitutional Revisions (if there are any) signed by all officers

4.7.4 Flowchart of activities for the school year with corresponding budget proposal

4.7.5 Bio-data of moderator (if newly appointed)

5. Revocation of Recognition / Probationary Status

5.1 Any student organization which has been granted institutional recognition and which violates its own statement of purpose/constitution or fails to comply with the college policies is liable to the revocation of recognition.

5.2 On student organizations’ probationary status:

5.2.1 Organizations which obtained an average yearly evaluation score of less than 250 points for their performances will be on probationary status for the incoming school year with a limited budgetary allocation.

5.2.2 Organizations which are on probationary status for two consecutive semesters will no longer be recognized for the next academic year

6. STUDENT ORGANIZATION FUND – All student organizations shall submit budget proposals for any planned project or activity subject to the approval of the ADSA. In cases where the requested budget is considered unreasonable, the ADSA shall consult the DSA, and a more justifiable amount shall be approved and released by SAO.