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General Guidelines and Organizational Policies

IMG_59531. All student organizations in the High School Unit must be duly recognized and approved by the administration. 

2. The club program (description, objectives, activities and grading system) must be an enrichment of the academic programs and subject approval of the administration. The student organizations are under the general supervision of the office of Student Activities and Services.

3. A faculty moderator is assigned to each student organization. The moderator, together with the club officers, is directly responsible for the implementation of the club program and the supervision of club members.

4. All student is given the opportunity to be a member of only ONE club. This is to ensure the balance between the academic work and club endeavors of the student. In very special cases, Student Council Core members may become an honorary member of another club. However, she must attend club hour meetings and all other official activities of her official club.

5. A student should be a member of a club since the beginning of the school year for her to become a year-end honor student and/or club awardee.

6. A student who is interested to join a club should sign up for auditions, screening or try-outs at the beginning of the school year (Club Fair). The moderator and club officers conduct enlistment and screening/try-outs/auditions.

IMG_34797. All club members are expected to fulfill all the requirements and expectations of the club as per the club constitution and by-laws.

8. Each student is given a club grade at the end of every quarter. This grade is based on her attendance, participation and over-all performance in the club. The quarter grades are averaged at the end of the school year.

9. Students are required to fill out a club contract indicating their personal information, the terms and conditions of the club and the general guidelines of the unit’s student activity program; and duly signed by the parents. This must be submitted before the students’ membership is confirmed by the moderator. After which, students are no longer allowed to change clubs.

10. A student who fails in any subject will be places in LIMITED SUSPENSION status in the succeeding quarter and must pass said subject(s)to qualify for full reinstatement. Limited suspension means that the student with academic failure(s) is required to attend meetings and activities during the regular club hour but is not allowed to participate in any other club activity that takes place beyond the club hour. This will include regular training sessions that take place after classes.

11. Club officers are elected by the general membership at the end of the school year in presence and under the supervision of the club moderator.  

12. Any club officer may be replaced for the following reasons:

     • Declining academic performance 

     • Inefficiency in carrying out duties and responsibilities

     • Disciplinary ase(s)

13. The Club Hour is considered a part of the regular academic schedule. Hence, attendance at the club meetings during Club Hour is required. Any student who needs to be absent during club hour must follow the procedure in requesting for early dismissal.

14. Students who do not attend Club Hour but are in school for the day will incur sanctions appropriate to the offense of cutting classes. At the end of the school year, 3rd and 4th year club members who have shown dedicated service and/or outstanding achievements are recognized through club awards. (Please see section on awards for description and qualifications)