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FAQ on Enrollment


1.     What number do I call if I have questions on enrollment?

Call 8567-7686 local 8165 to 8167 to reach the Registrar’s Office. For specific concerns, you may dial the following extension numbers:
Grade School           8165
High School              8165
College                     8164 / 8167
Graduate School     8167

2.      What is academic advising for? Who needs to go through it?

Academic advising is a pre-registration requirement for all students in the College Unit. It is being done to give you and your department chair or academic dean the chance to discuss your academic performance and determine the correctness of your subject lineup before enrolment.

3.      Can I enroll before the regular enrolment dates? How?

Early payment of tuition is possible if you cannot enroll on the given enrollment dates to avoid paying the surcharge for late enrollment. Only cleared, regular students, with no academic deficiencies may pay their tuition early. Full payment is required for this.
In order to pay your tuition, first you have to view your assessment form online to determine the amount you will need to pay. Payment may be made online or at the Business Office.
Your enrolment though will only be considered official upon validation of your school ID.

4.      Why can’t I view my assessment online?

It is likely to be due to problems with your clearance. Make sure that you have been cleared by all offices.

5.      What are the payment modes?

The modes of payment are full and installment and may be made in cash, through check, or credit card. Post-dated checks (PDCs) are required for the installment mode. A fully accomplished PDC Warranty Form is also required.

BDO Bills Payment is an option for those paying in full. The bills payment form, not the ordinary deposit slip, is used for this.

Full payment through BDO Bills Payment and online payment may be viewed by the Business Office only on the next banking day. Those who opt for this payment scheme are advised to remit a day before their scheduled enrollment.

Students enrolling for 12 units or less are required to pay in full.

6.      How do I fill out a check?

Make the check payable to ST. SCHOLASTICA’S COLLEGE MANILA. At the back of the check, write the following information:

Student’s Name
Student Number
Parent’s Contact Number

7.      How do I pay online?

Online payment is an option for regular students who have been cleared by all offices and have no failing grades nor academic deficiencies. They also have to be paying in full.

Here are the steps:
1)      View your assessment form via the SSC Website: http://myisis.ssc.edu.ph
2)      Check your SUBJECT LINEUP carefully.
3)      Go to the BDO Payment Facility or Internet Banking.
4)      Pay tuition and other fees IN FULL and print out the Money Transmittal Slip. (You are to present this slip at the Business Office for validation and issuance of your official receipt.)

8.      What is the effect of an unpaid account on my enrollment?

Students with unpaid accounts will not be allowed to enroll unless their accounts are settled in full.

9.      What will happen if a check is returned or dishonored by the bank?

The Business Office will automatically cancel the official receipt and the enrollment of students whose checks are returned/dishonored by the bank.  Such checks may be replaced by cash or credit card payment or by manager’s checks. Transactions shall be made only at the Cashier’s Window of the Business Office.