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For Grade School Students

Use of Clinic Referral Record

MDHS 191. Whenever you are not feeling well in class you may go to the clinic. Bring your Clinic Referral Record (CRR).

2. Your CRR can be secured from your Class Adviser. You must always fill-out the CRR, to be noted by your teacher before you can go to the clinic, unless, it is an emergency case.

3. Present CRR to the nurse on duty for initial assessment. Then you will be referred to the doctor on duty for proper treatment.

NOTE: In serious cases, the nurse is called via the LRC-PS Intercom phone to fetch the student from the classroom.

Sending the Student Home

1. The clinic will notify the parents immediately by phone.

2. The nurse will fill up the Recommendation to go home Slip.

3. The parent/guardian who will fetch the student will bring the form to the adviser/head teacher/subject teacher to make the appropriate notation therein.

4. The Office of Student Services will issue the gate pass for the sick student.

NOTE: The sick student stays in the clinic until she is fetched.

During Recess/Lunch Break

During your break, you may proceed to the clinic directly with a classmate or a friend. Should you be recommended to go home, the procedure as previously specified shall be followed.