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The Fire Fighting Team

Fire Marshall / Emergency Manager

The Fire Fighting Team is composed of the General Services Personnel and the Safety and Security Personnel. The Team is divided into two groups: the Fire Extinguisher group, whose members will use fire extinguishers; and the water Hose Group, whose members will use the fire hydrants and water hoses strategically located on the floors and around the buildings.


She/He is the Director for field operations of all fire fighting groups, pending the arrival of members of the Bureau of Fire Protection who, upon said arrival, directs said members to the fire scene and maintains contact with them until after the fire has been extinguished. Afterward, she/he make the recommendation to the Emergency Management Team as to whether or not it is safe for everyone to return to their respective areas or where they can be temporarily quartered until the decision to send them elsewhere has been made. The position of Fire Marshall or emergency Manager will be assumed by the SSC Safety & Security Officer.

Zone Chief

Floor Chief

Each building is overseen by a Zone Chief, who shall be the head of the office in that particular area, and whose main responsibility is the safe evacuation of all students and employees from the building to the pre-designated evacuation areas.

Each floor is supervised by a Floor Chief, who shall be officer in the particular area. Her/His main responsibility is the safe evacuation of all students and employees from her/his floor to the pre-designated evacuation areas.

Evacuation Team

Searchers or Sweepers

This is composed of Class Advisers, who assist the Floor Chiefs in guiding the students, employees and everyone to exit in an orderly manner. The Class Advisers lead them to the pre-designated evacuation area and, when the all-clear signal is sounded, lead them back to their respective places of origin.


This group is in charge of checking/searching their assigned rooms, visiting the toilets and announcing to any and all occupants who may not have heard the alarm signal (or who seem to have ignored the signal, especially in the case of a fire drill) of the urgent need to evacuate the area. Roving Guards or assigned Maintenance Personnel shall act as Searchers or Sweepers. In the absence of a female guard, an assigned female from the General Services Department will do the searching in the female toilets.

Records and Salvage Group

Security Team

The Records’ Evacuation Group is responsible for the evacuation of pertinent records while the Salvage Group is in charge of evacuating priority machines and equipment. The School Finance Officer shall be the Chair of the Records and Salvage Group.


This is composed of the SSC Security Forces spread out into different strategic areas. They see to it that evacuation is orderly and swift, prevent any situation which may impede the exit, assist all stragglers and others who may be having difficulty in getting out, prevent the entry of the crowd and of curious onlookers, prevent looting, and secure the equipment and records evacuated.

First Aid Team

Special Services Team (Communication Team)

The Clinic Personnel and/or employees who have knowledge in emergency first-aid treatment will belong to this group. They will attend to the emergency evacuation and treatment of casualties. At least one (1) driver and one (1) vehicle shall be assigned to this team.


The Telephone Operator, runner and electrical switchmen are assigned to this group. The Telephone Operator shall contact by phone the nearest fire station (524-5588 / 525-4714). The Runners carry messages through the fastest means to the Fire Marshall, especially when the telephone or intercom services are no longer operational. The Electrical Switchmen will turn off the power system in the area where the fire is located.