2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila





The College AVC maintains and provides services to the following facilities:

1.  Viewing Room A (B206) – capacity of 50 pax

2.  Viewing Room B (B204) – capacity of 50 pax

3. Music Appreciation Roon (C323) – capacity of 50 pax


4. Sr. Odiliana Hall (M304) – capacity of 71 pax

5.  AVC Production / Viewing Booth (C324)  –   3 booths, maximum of 8 pax each booth)

SPECIAL FACILITIES where AVC has fixed sound system:

(Note:  Reservations for the use of the following must be coursed through the Administrative and General Services Office (AGSO) and Student Affairs Office.  AVC requests are for sound system use only.)

1.  Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall (Little Theater)

2.  Sr. Kuniberta Hall

3.  Social Hall

4.  Food and Beverage Simulation Room

5.  St. Cecilia’s Function Hall A and B