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1. Final examination schedules are posted on the School Dean’s/Institute Director’s bulletin board a week before the examinations. These schedules must be followed strictly by faculty members and students.

2. Students with conflict in exam schedules must notify the School Dean’s/Institute Director’s Office about the matter immediately.

3. No one is allowed to take an earlier final examination unless permission is given by the School Dean/Institute Director. 

4. Midterm examinations, depending on the discretion of the teacher, may or may not be given. Midterm grades, however, are given based on agreed criteria set at the beginning of the semester.

5. A student will not be allowed to take a final examination without presenting her EXAMINATION PERMIT CARD (EPC) which is secured from the Student Affairs Office (SAO).

Possession of an EPC indicates that the student has cleared her/his obligations with the following offices:

Audio-Visual Center

Business Office

Institutional Campus Ministry Office

Career and Placement Office
(3rd and 4th year students)

Computer Center

Food/Science Laboratories

Fine Arts Laboratory
(For Fine Arts students)

Guidance Office


Medical and Dental Clinic

Registrar and Grants Office

Student Affairs Office

6. During the examination, no student may leave her/his assigned place without permission from the proctor.

7. Students must be in complete uniform (including school ID) during examinations.

8. A student who arrives after the examination has started is considered late and will not be allowed to take the said examination.

9. A student who misses the scheduled final examination, due to absence for cause (i.e. serious illness, death in the family), must write the School Dean/Institute Director for a special final examination within two (2) weeks after the missed examination.  If no special examination is taken, the teacher shall grade the student on the basis of her/his performance for the entire semester (final examination grade = 0).