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Discontinuance of Studies

This is a voluntary petition by the student to withdraw enrollment from SSC unless a decision of the College/School that is based on legal and/or reasonable grounds for a student to discontinue studies and/or be denied re-admission to the College has been arrived at before the end of the term or semester.

If a student voluntarily withdraws enrollment, the following procedures and guidelines apply:

1. If a student is enrolled during the term, s/he files a withdrawal form signed by all the Professors, the Department Chair and approved by the Dean / Director.

2. A student may either file an official Leave of Absence or LOA with an intention to return some other time, or may file for transfer. If applying for leave of absence, the student secures LOA form following the procedure for filing LOA.

3. If a student files the withdrawal form in order to transfer to another school, clearance (following the same procedure as Clearance for Graduation) is required prior to the release of transfer credentials.

4. A certificate of eligibility to transfer is issued only once, unless a student can prove that it was lost through force majeure and had not been used for enrollment elsewhere.

5. If the applicant is a transferee from another school, her/his complete records from that previous school should have first been received by SSC before releasing transfer credentials.