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Dean’s List & Honor Circle

1. Students with a semester’s Quality Point Average (QPA) of 3.50 and above qualify for the Dean’s List for that semester.

2. Students with a Cumulative Quality Point average (CQPA) of 3.50 and above for all semesters’ courses taken qualify for the Honors’ Circle.

3. Students with less than 15 units load in the previous semester (underload due to academic deficiency or those taking less units than the specified number of units in the curriculum) are not qualified for honors.

4. Only those students whose grades in the previous semester are complete can be candidates for honors. Those with incomplete grades (Practicum and/or Thesis) may qualify for honors only after their grades in these subjects have been submitted.

5. Only those students with no withdrawn or failed subjects in the previous semester qualify for the Dean’s List and only those with no withdrawn or failed grades in all semesters qualify for the Honors’ Circle.

6. The TOP FIVE (5) students in the Honors’ Circle and the Dean’s List are entitled to a ten (10) percent discount on tuition fee.

Procedure for Determining Honors:

1. Evaluators compute for QPA and CQPA once all grades have been submitted/encoded.

2. From the ISIS, a listing of the candidates for Dean’s List and Honors’ Circle is printed.

3. Respective evaluators check lists and identify students who have:
     • Incurred failures and/or withdrew subjects in previous semester/s

     • Less than 15 units load

     • Incomplete grades 

4. The Registrar counter-checks the lists.

5. Once final, the Registrar prepares a new list using the following guidelines:

Dean’s List

Candidates are ranked from highest (4.0 QPA) to lowest (3.50 QPA) by Schools:


– School of Arts and Sciences
– School of Accountancy
– School of Business
– School of Music
– Institute of Hospitality, Leisure and Restaurant Management

Honors’ Circle

Candidates are ranked from highest (4.0 CQPA) to lowest (3.50 CQPA) by year level.

On Pending Status

Since some grades (Practicum and/or Thesis) are not submitted on time, the students’ QPA/CQPA will not be accurate. As soon as the grade/s are submitted and encoded,the QPA/CQPA is computed and if the student qualifies for honors, the Registrar’s Office prepares the certificate/s.

6. Two sets of lists are prepared:

     • For posting at the Registrar’s Office and at the Student Affairs Office

     • For the emcees during the Recognition Day

The candidates are arranged from lowest (3.50 QPA/CQPA) to highest (4.0 QPA/CQPA) since the last names to be read are those who topped the Dean’s List and Honors’ Circle.

A list of the TOP TEN Dean’s Lister and Honors Circle members may also be prepared.

7. Certificates are prepared and arranged according to the lists.

8. Certificates are forwarded to the respective Deans/Director, the College Dean and the VP for Academics for their signatures.