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Cross-Enrollment & Shared Degrees


In a consortium agreement, a student may enroll and take a subject in another member school if said subject is either not offered in her/his home school or is in conflict with her/his schedule for the semester. This unique arrangement provides both the school and the student an efficient way of addressing problems such as costly tutorial classes or accumulating back subjects which generally lead to the delay of a student’s graduation and / or in the completion of academic requirements. 

For valid reasons as determined by the Registrar or School Dean / Institute Director, a student may be issued a permit to cross-enroll in another school. Valid reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. The subject is not offered or is no longer offered in the home school, usually as a result of changes or revisions in the curriculum

2. The subject is closed, dissolved or in conflict with another schedule

3. The student is in her/his terminal term 

4. The subject is a back subject or a pre-requisite subject

Cross-enrollment may be granted under the following conditions:

1. The course description of the subject taken in the host school is similar to that of the home school

2. The student does not cross-enroll in more than one school per term.


This is a partnership between two colleges which allows a student to take the major subjects for the course of her/his choice in another member school while being enrolled in the home school for the basic subjects. When the student completes the program, her/his diploma is signed by the two school presidents. The Registrar’s Office takes full responsibility for the smooth flow of the shared-degree program and cross-registration of students following the approved procedures and agreement between and among consortium member schools of the CWC and SMI-IC.