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Competency Standards

Knowledge that the BSA/BSAcT graduate should possess include:

a.   General Knowledge
b.   Organizational and business knowledge
c.    Information technology (IT) knowledge
d.    Accounting and finance knowledge

Skills that the BSA/BSAcT graduate should possess include:

a. Intellectual – the ability to carry out abstract logical thinking and learn the process of critical thinking, visualization or “seeing things in the mind’s eye” and reasoning skills.

b. Interpersonal – ability to work in groups and being a team player.  It includes the skills to participate as member of  a team, and contributing to group effort; teaching others new skills, working to satisfy client’s expectations, negotiation skills.  

Thus, the BSA/BSAcT graduate must demonstrate attributes such as being:

     • A team player
     • Persuasive, confident, diplomatic
     • Discreet, open minded and patient
     • Capable for hard work and able to respond well to pressure

c. Communication – refers to active listening skills and the ability to communicate effectively one’s points of view both orally and in writing, at all organizational levels; being able to justify one’s position, deliver impressive presentations and to persuade and convince others.

Values that the BSA/BSAcT graduate should possess include:

a. Professional Ethics

     • Integrity
     • Objectivity and independence
     • Professional competence and due care
     • Confidentiality
     • Professional Behavior
     • Moral values