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College Outreach Center

College Outreach Center (COC)


The College Outreach Center of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila envisions itself as one community synergized for the mission of the whole school in molding our students as agents of social change serving and reaching out in mutual support to enhance the dignity of life of our needy brothers and sisters.



     –  Promotion of collaboration among the various stakeholders of the College Outreach Center.
     –  Consistent efforts to lead the college unit in critical awareness of current social realities and transformative action
     –  Regular presence and immersion among partner communities, institutions and underprivileged members of the society.


     –  To expose the students to the need of the less privilege and develop in them the capacity to mobilize their inert strength toward empowerment.

     –  To develop formation programs that will raise competencies and qualitative traits of students and lay volunteers as agent of social change.

     –  To organize networking among COC partners and association on all levels. 

In particular, the COC takes care of the following:

1. National Service Training Program (NSTP) 

The National Service Training Program(NSTP) is a 3-units co-curricular subject offered every semester to all college first year students.  It falls under the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) component of CHED.

Part of the services rendered by the program for the students is exposure/immersion activities and community catechetical instructions to extension communities.  With careful considerations, NSTP module was studied and adjustments were made accordingly.

2. Lay Apostolate (LA)   

The Lay Apostolate Program is a 4-unit required course that is divided into LA1 and LA2 and taken by students in their second year. The LA program creates opportunities where students can deepen their awareness of contemporary social issues through the direct interaction and service to the marginalized sectors of society. Services are in the form of tutorial to the public school students, orphanages, non-government organizations and private institutions.

3. Benedictine Volunteer Program (BVP) 

In keeping with the school’s thrust of social concern and involvement, St. Scholastica’s College opened a volunteer program in 1996.  It is a support program that provides volunteer assistance to various institutions and community–based organizations. 

The program provides the matching and bridging of the technical expertise with need through volunteerism.  Individuals and groups share their talents, skills, and other resources with the different institutions and communities in need of this particular expertise.  In the process, there is transference, improvement, sustained development, and transformation in both the volunteers and the institutions and the communities availing these services.

BVP Services

Volunteer Formation – This nurtures the volunteers passion and vocation in serving various institutions and community–based organization of BVP through formation program.

Community Services – BVP offers community services program divided into three programs, namely: SHARE-A-YEAR PROGRAM, SHORT-TERM VOLUNTEER PROGRAM and INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER PROGRAM. 

The Share-A-Year program provides an option for new graduates/young professionals as well as alumnae to render a year’s service to any institution or community-based organization connected with BVP to serve for one year program.  Under this program, volunteer can serve either as teachers, counselors, program staff or community workers/organizers in socio-pastoral centers.  Volunteers who opt for one-year volunteer stint receive minimum monthly allowance and free board and lodging.

Lastly, the International Volunteer Program sends volunteers to foreign countries where they can assist the Benedictine Sisters in their various apostolates.