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St. Scholastica’s College (SSC) seeks and aims to attract students who have the desire to successfully complete Tertiary Education.  Ability and potential success are determined by careful screening of applicants done by the Committee on Admissions based on stringent admission requirements. 

Although St. Scholastica’s College is an exclusive school for women, admission of MALE STUDENTS in the following programs had been allowed: COGNATE, MUSIC and FINE ARTS.

Admissions Office

Phone: (632) 567-7686 loc. 8168
E-mail: sscadmit@ssc.edu.ph

Admission Procedure and Requirements

1.  Secure Application Permit from the Admissions Office. Pay the non-refundable and non-transferable Application and Testing Fee of Php 500.00 to the Business Office. The application fee of applicant from abroad is US$20.00.

2.  Present receipt and secure the Application Kit (Application Form, (2) Recommendation and Student Health Record Forms) from the Admissions Office. 

3.  Submit the following requirements:


   b.  National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate (original and recent)

   c.  Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate (original copy has to be presented)

   d.  FOR MARRIED STUDENTS: Photocopy of Marriage Contract

   e.  Certified True Copy of the following Report Card:

      (1) Previous Grade Level and

      (2) Current Grade Level – latest grading period

   f.  Certificate of the School’s GRADING SYSTEM (especially for those with Letter Grades) from the Principal or the Registrar and DESCRIPTION OF SUBJECTS taken.

   g.  Two (2) SSC Recommendation Forms for College Applicants from Principal or Dean, Class Adviser, Teacher or Counselor (enclosed in sealed envelopes with signature across the flap) COLLEGE RECOMMENDATION FORM


   i.  One (1) piece 2×2 recent ID picture for Test Permit (identical with that in the application form)

Note: Once the Admissions Office accepts these requirements, these will no longer be returned to the applicant.

For Music Applicants: one has to secure a schedule for audition at the Music Department. If the applicant passes the audition, the applicant has to go back to the Admissions Office to get the examination (written) permit.

4.  Secure Exam Permit.

5.  Take the entrance exam on scheduled date given.

6.  Come for interview on the scheduled time given by the Admissions Office.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer students who wish to apply to SSC normally should not have completed more than four (4) semesters of collegiate work. The College reserves the right to classify the transferee based on existing curricular requirements.

In most instances, the College credits only the General Education subjects taken not more than 25% of the total number of units of the course applied for, no more than 18 units.

Aside from the  APPLICATION FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONtransferees are required to submit the following requirements:

1.  National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate (original and recent)

2.  Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate (original copy has to be presented)

3.  FOR MARRIED STUDENTS: Photocopy of Marriage Contract 

4.  Certified True Copy of Grades/Records of Collegiate Grades certified by the school Registrar  and/or recent copy of  unofficial TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS

5.  Description of Subjects taken 

6.  Transfer Credential (HONORABLE DISMISSAL)

7.  Two (2) SSC Recommendation Forms for College Applicants from Principal or Dean, Class Adviser, Teacher or Guidance Counselor (enclosed in sealed envelopes with signature across the flap): COLLEGE RECOMMENDATION FORM


Enrollment Policy for Transferees

1.  Transfer applicants with no transfer credentials will not be allowed to proceed with enrollment.

2.  Transferees whose official HS transcripts (Form 137) and / or College transcripts have not been forwarded to the Registrar’s Office within the first year of study may not be allowed to enroll for the succeeding school year. Transferees are expected to attend to this requirement as soon as possible since their enrollment is considered unofficial pending submission of this document.

Foreign Applicants

Inquiries for admission to SSC by foreign students may be coursed through mail, phone, fax or e-mail.  

For immigration requirements of the Philippines, foreign applicants must inquire from the Philippine Consulate/Embassy of the country of origin.  If admitted, the applicant must submit a clear photocopy of the STUDENT VISA/PERMIT and ALIEN CERTIFICATION OF RESIDENCE (ACR).  

For those on TEMPORARY VISITOR VISA and would wish to pursue tertiary education in SSC, conversion of their visas from temporary visitor visa to STUDENT VISA should be done. The list of requirements for said conversion may be secured from the Registrar’s Office.  

Foreign students are required to pay the application and testing fee of US$20.00 as well as the one-time Foreign Students fee of US$500.00 upon enrollment. 

Non-English speaking applicants must also submit the result of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  A minimum score of 500 on the paper-based test or 170 on the computer-based test is required.  Test must have been taken not more than two (2) years ago. 

Applicants accepted on the basis of their TOEFL, or SAT results may be required to take the SSC entrance exam upon their arrival in the Philippines for validation purposes.

Additional Requirements for Foreign Students and Applicants with Dual Citizenship

Submit CLEAR PHOTOCOPY of the following (bring original for verification purposes):1.  Passport, particularly the bio-page and stamps of latest departure and arrival in the country.

2.  Student Visa or other latest Visa (accepted for study) and I-Card (must still be valid at least two months into the semester of first enrollment).

3.  Transcript of Records (authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post from the country of origin).

4.  Current Report Card with English translation.

5.  Course description of all subjects taken.

6.  Certificate from the Department of Education for an applicant to qualify for applied level.

7.  Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino if with DUAL CITIZENSHIP.

8.  Two (2) SSC Recommendation Forms for College Applicants from Principal or Dean, Class Adviser, Teacher or Guidance Counselor (enclosed in sealed envelopes with signature across the flap)  COLLEGE RECOMMENDATION FORM

Status of Admission

Results of the application are released THREE (3) days after date of exam/interview.

Please inquire personally from the Admissions Office.  A letter informing applicant of her status will be given to you.  If you cannot come personally, please send a representative or messenger with a letter of authorization to claim result.

Come on the scheduled date of release since some applicants may still be recommended for a RE-TEST or RE-INTERVIEW.  Moreover, there are further instructions and deadlines to comply with for those who successfully passed our admission requirements.


1.  Must have submitted all application requirements

2.  Must have passed the entrance test

3.  Must have passed the interview


Applicants who are interested to enroll in SSC must submit their reply slips (attached: Acceptance Letter) to the Admissions Office soon after receipt of the status letter.  Information on the reply slips submitted serves as the basis for recording the applicants name under her/his choice of program. However, a slot will only be reserved for the accepted applicant after submission of the ORIGINAL report card or transfer credential (for transferees).


Enrollment is usually scheduled in May. The applicant must have submitted ORIGINAL Report Card/ Transfer Credential (for transferees) prior to enrollment.