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Cognate in Education

Cognate in Education

Program Description

St Scholastica’s College, pursuant to CHED Memorandum Order No. 11, s. 2009, offers the Cognate Program in Education which consists of eighteen (18) units of professional education courses for graduates of non-education degrees to qualify for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Of the required 18 units of credit in professional education courses, 12 units must have been earned by completing one subject or its equivalent in each of the four (4) Clusters I to IV; the remaining six units may be met by completing any two of the professional education courses in Cluster V, namely:

Cluster I

Cluster II

Cluster III

Cluster IV

Cluster V

Educational Psychology or Adolescent Psychology

Principles and Techniques of Teaching

Principles of Education

Measurement and Evaluation

Principles and Techniques of Guidance

Psychology of Learning


Philosophies and Principles of Teaching

Introduction to Education

Research and Evaluation

Educational Sociology

Psychology Applied to Education


Teaching Strategies

Foundations of Education II

(Historical, Philoso-phical and Legal Foundations)

Tests and Measurements

Observation and Participation/ Observation and Community Immersion

Child Growth, Development, Learning (Developmental Education)

Principles of Teaching and Educational Technology



Audio-Visual Education

Child Study

(Child Psychology)

Methods of Teaching



Curriculum Development

Human Growth, Learning and Development

Models of Teaching



Preparation of Curriculum Materials

Foundations of Education I

(Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Education)




Administration and Supervision





The Child and the Curriculum





Student Teaching/






Educational Leadership





Values Education





Special Education

This certificate program consists of six (6) subjects of three (3) units each and can be offered in one summer followed by a semester of practicum or full time teaching.

Program Goals and Objectives

At the end of the 18 units of cognate in education, students are expected to have manifested the following competencies:

1. Be equipped with the necessary units of Education subjects to be eligible to take the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET);
2. Construct one’s own philosophy of teaching that can be used as a guidepost as one goes about  his or her day-to-day teaching;
3. Demonstrate the essential competencies to be judged as an effective and competent teacher (i.e., skills in lesson planning, teaching strategies, classroom management and assessment and evaluation of students’ learning outcomes) anchored on the National Competency-Based Teaching Standards (NCBTS); and
4. Appreciate the value, utility and impact of the teaching profession in influencing children (or students) to be agents of social change and transformation.

Course Subjects:




        Foundations of Education I                          


        Foundations of Education II



        Principles of Teaching & Instructional Technology



       Measurement and Evaluation



       Principles and Techniques of Guidance



PracticUM (3 UNITS)



18  Units

Admission Qualifications (for new students)

1. Baccalaureate degree holder
2. Commitment to full-time 18-unit program

Admission Requirements

1. Photocopy of birth certificate
2. Photocopy of Transcript of records
3. Accomplished St. Scholastica’s College Application Form for Cognate Program (available at SSC website: www.ssc.edu.ph) faxed or emailed scanned copy
4. Accomplished St. Scholastica’s College Recommendation form
5. Two (2) ID pictures (1×1)