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Christian Formation

GS 2• Religious Education Program – A religious education program has been laid out to help the students become living witness of Christ. As a Benedictine Catholic Institution, SSC tries to provide you with a community in which a unique fusion of Christian living and academic goals are realized.

• Prayers – Morning Praise is monastic in origin and sets the mood for prayer and work. Benedictine prayers are marked by simplicity and openness to the Spirit.

• Celebrations – The Benedictines celebrate life in liturgy and prayers.

Eucharistic Celebration – The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated to highlight significant events in the Grade School.  Unit Mass is celebrated every first Friday of the month. Active participation in the Mass and frequent reception of Holy Communion will develop a deeper knowledge, love and imitation of Jesus.

 Confessions – Confessions are scheduled by the Christian Doctrine Coordinator.


Marian Activities – Our Lady is close to the heart of every Christian Filipino. In her honor, the Rosary is recited in class during the month of October and this devotion is usually highlighted by a Rosary procession and floral offering and Block Rosary. Other Marian activities are planned and implemented with other events.

Stations of the Cross – During the season of Lent, Christian Doctrine teachers schedule meditations on the Stations of the Cross in memory of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord.


Recollection – Grades 5 and 6 students have their recollection once a  school year. The Grade 6, have an overnight recollection while the Grade 5 students have a day recollection.  Grades 3 and 4 have their half-day mini-recollection. The recollection is held in a retreat house to provide students with an atmosphere which is conducive to silence.

GSAVC_9999_18• Season of Advent – Advent is the time of preparation we prepare for the coming of our Lord. Liturgical Activities such as the making of the Advent wreath and the lighting of the Advent candles are held for all classes.

• Bible Services – Bible Services precede the rituals pertaining to particular liturgical seasons of the year to further deepen awareness of God’s utmost concern for all His children.

• Special Celebrations – Days like First Confession Day, First Communion Day are special days of celebration and rejoicing.

• Vocation Week – Vocation Week is held every year to make one aware of the beauty of the religious life.

• Visits to the Chapel – Visits to the chapel are highly encouraged among students and member of the community.

• Mission Consciousness – World Mission Sunday is the last Sunday of October. This is the time of the year when the Church asks for help from the missionaries through prayers and cash donations. Mission envelopes are distributed in the classroom. Everyone is encouraged to solicit donations from other people.

• Outreach Program – The school provides opportunities that would enhance awareness of the suffering of others. The students are called to respond to their needs through the outreach program.

Sharing Activities – The primary graders (grades 1-3) have an “adopted” class in the surrounding public schools. The fourth graders take care of the disabled. The fifth graders take care of the tribal apostolate of the Missionary Benedictines. The sixth graders take care of the urban poor communities.  It is that through these interactions, that compassion and care for others are imbibed.

Christmas Drive – Once a year the school holds a Christmas Drive to give the members of the community a chance to share material goods with the poor.