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Change, Drop, Add Subjects

Changing, dropping, or adding of subjects after enrollment is allowed only for valid reasons within the prescribed period set by the Registrar’s Office. Valid reasons include changes in the schedule of subjects (or faculty) resulting in conflicts, the opening of petitioned subjects, student’s failure in pre-requisite subjects, and other similar reasons. As a rule, it is scheduled a day after the opening of classes to facilitate adjustment in schedule and processing of student records.

Policies and guidelines governing adjustment, adding and/or dropping subject/s are as follows: 

1. A student who officially drops subject/s during the adjustment period does not get any record of “W”; a full refund of tuition is granted to the student.

2. A student who officially drops the subject with justifiable reason before the midterm examination, noted by the professor and the dean, shall have a record of “W” which is not considered a failing mark. 

3. A student who unofficially drops the subject shall be given a failing mark of “FW”.

4. A student is not allowed to drop a subject after he/she has exceeded the allowable number of absences. A grade of “FA” or failed due to excess absences is given.

5. A student is no longer allowed to withdraw/drop a subject two weeks before the examination week.

Crediting, Equivalence, and Substitutes

In accordance with CHED-NCR Memo #3, s. 2000, a returning student who started under the old curriculum and whose subjects are no longer offered by the school may be advised to take substitute subjects under the new curriculum. The Department Chair / School Dean / Director, in coordination with the Registrar, shall be responsible for determining the substitute major or professional subjects.

(also referred to as substitute subjects) are subjects in the current curriculum that can be taken as equivalents or substitutes for subjects that are no longer offered. This is determined jointly by the Department Chair and the School Dean / Director in coordination with the Registrar following the principle that the substitute subject must be similar or strongly akin to the subject requirement.

Crediting of subjects previously taken is usually done by the Registrar in consultation with the School Dean / Director upon acceptance and enrollment of transferees. Under this procedure, credits are earned from the previous school are deemed sufficient to meet the curriculum requirements of the degree the student is working on. However, not all subjects taken in the precious school can be credited. Guidelines governing crediting of subjects are as follows:

1. Credited subjects should have a similar subject description to the subject required. 

2. Credited subjects should meet a minimum grade requirement set by the school.

3. Major or professional subjects may or may not be credited depending on the discretion of the Chair, the School Dean / Director.

4. a Limited number of credited units allowed in relation to the residency requirements of the school.

5. Physical Education (PE) and the National Service Training Program (NSTP) requirements are generally credited regardless of grade, provided that grade obtained is a passing Grade. 


A student may be allowed to enroll in the prerequisite and advanced subject simultaneously under the following conditions: if the pre-requisite is a “repeated” subject, if the student has superior scholastic standing (attach a copy of the scholastic record), if the student is graduating at the end of the semester. A subject enrolled without the necessary pre-requisite/s is not credited regardless of the grade obtained.