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Career Opportunities

The course prepares the students for careers in:

Medical Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition/ Community Nutrition

• Hospital/Clinical Dietitian
• Private Dietitian and in other private consulting groups
• Sports Dietitian
• Health and Wellness Dietitian – Health clubs and Fitness centers
• Nutritionist- Dietitian for food and milk manufacturing companies

• Food and Nutrition Researcher
• Community Nutritionist – Dietitian
• Nutritionist – Dietitian for Health Promotion Agencies
• Nutritionist – Dietitian for Health and Welfare Agencies, Government Agencies
• Food & Nutrition Policy Maker

Food Service Operations

Business and Industry

• Food and Beverage Supervisor / Manager for Hotels & Restaurants, Cafeteria, School Canteen, etc.
• Cruise Line Nutritionist
• Airline Nutritionist
• Food Research and Development Officer
• Chef- Dietitian
• Food Hygienist

• Entrepreneur
• Food Stylist

Food and Nutrition Education

• Professor / Lecturer in Public and Private Colleges, Universities, and Culinary Schools

The program is also a pre-med course and supporting course for other related fields.