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Calendar & Classes

College Calendar

The academic calendar consists of two semesters of 18 weeks each and a summer class of four to five weeks. The first semester starts in June and ends in October, while the second semester begins in November and ends in March. Generally, summer classes are conducted from April to May. The minimum actual contact time for every one unit academic credit is 18 hours.

Class Attendance and Schedules

Section 73 of the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools states that a student in every private school who incurs absences of more than 20% of the prescribed number of class hours or laboratory periods during the semester is given a failing grade and no credit for the course or subject. Absences are limited to seven for a twice-a-week and three for a once-a-week class. As a general rule, a student who reports to class after the class bell rings is considered tardy. A student is considered absent if she/he comes to class more than 15 minutes after the bell rings for one-hour classes and 30 minutes for two or three-hour classes. Three counts of tardiness are considered one absence.

Suspension of Classes

Suspension of classes may occur when the following situations call for it. 

      1. during an administration-sponsored convocation and/or activity
      2. during typhoons and other calamities
        • if typhoon signal number 1 is sounded, the following shall take effect:
          • College classes continue unless an announcement is made by the school officials authorized to call off classes; and
          • all personnel (staff and maintenance) are to continue their regular work schedules unless those authorized decide to suspend work and close the school, in which case, evening classes are automatically called off.
        • if typhoon signal number 2 is sounded before the beginning of morning classes, college students are still expected to come to class unless instructed not to do so by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) officials and/or via an announcement from school authorities aired over the radio and television or announced in the school’s website or text message.
        • if typhoon signal number 3 is sounded, the campus shall be automatically closed and all activities are suspended.
      3. Only the following may call for a suspension of classes: the School President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the College Dean, and the Academic Deans.
      4. School officials follow a procedural flowchart in suspending classes due to typhoons and other calamities.

Classes are held from Mondays to Saturdays

Monday and Saturday schedules are normally for once-a-week classes of three hours per meeting. Tuesday-Thursday and Wednesday-Friday class schedules for twice-a-week meetings cover one hour and thirty-minute sessions.

Summer Classes

The College offers selected courses during summer. Summer offerings are intended for students with failed or dropped subjects and who need to catch up with the regular flow of their program of study. Unless specified in the curriculum or granted approval by the Dean/Director, students are not allowed to take advanced subjects during summer.