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BS Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology 

Program Description

The BS Biology program is anchored on the three domains of science learning: acquisition, comprehension, and application of scientific knowledge both in the local and global context; demonstration of science processes and skills; and practice of scientific attitudes and values. It is a comprehensive four-year course that provides the students a repertoire of competencies required in their future careers be it in medicine, research, industry, and tertiary education/teaching.


The BS Biology curriculum recognizes the role that science plays in everyday human affairs and the society as a whole. It has for its end goal the development of scientific, technological, and environmental literacy needed to become participative and productive members of the society, wise decision makers, responsible stewards of Mother Earth, and critical problem solvers within the social, political, cultural, and ethical dimensions of life. It envisions to mold students into holistic individuals capable of transforming the community into a more environmental-friendly and sustainable place to live in.