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Approaches to Instructural Delivery

IMG_4410Instruction at St. Scholastica’s College focuses on developing the student’s full potential and her becoming a lifelong learner.  Aside from the student’s spiritual development, curricular and instructional programs emphasize the development of communication, higher order thinking, decision-making skills and the love for literature and the arts.

• Instruction is carried out in small groups most of the time;

 • Within the small groups, each student works to attain previously set goals at her own pace;

 • Academic work is prescribed by the teacher, or with other children, and is mutually agreed upon by teacher and pupil; and

 • Achievement is measured in terms of individual abilities and pace.

Interdisciplinary Approach

GSAVC_0231This Interdisciplinary Approach combines meaningful and memorable student activity with paper-and-pencil approaches to learning.  Most of all, it brings to the fore the wealth of content and processes of various disciplines on a single topic, theme or issue. It also makes use of the Infusion Technique, which is done through direct and indirect teaching methods.

The Interdisciplinary Approach ensures the wholistic and integrated development of students and thus gives meaning to the so-called Living Curriculum of the Grade School Unit.