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Application Procedure

Applicants follow the regular procedure for seeking admission to the College. After having passed all admissions requirements of SSC, the applicant secures an application form from the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

A. fill-up the application form issued by the Registrar’s and Grants Office and submit it together with the following:

     1. For those whose parents are employed, submit

          a. photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) duly stamped by the BIR
          b. Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC)
          c. Residence Certificate of parent/s
          d. latest payslip of parents (15th and 30th of the month)

     2. For those whose parents have employment overseas, no employments, or no fixed income,
     submit the following:

          a. Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 1-98
          b. Certification from the BIR
          c. Certification from the municipality/city mayor
          d. Affidavit of Exemption from Filing Income Tax Return

     3. A paragraph on each of the following:

          a. Brief description of yourself – your strengths and weaknesses, reason for choosing your course,
          plans for the future

          b. Reason/s for applying for financial assistance
          c. How can you be of service to SSC and society, especially after College?
          d. How can you support the Scholarships and Grants Program of SSC now and in the future?

     4. Letter of Recommendation (use SSC form) signed by the High School Principal, Teacher/Adviser
     and Counselor attesting to the financial needs of the family

     5. Photocopy of report card (for college freshman)/transcript of records (for transferees/old students)

     6. Photocopy of report card/s of sibling/s

     7. Location map of residence

B. Come for an interview with the parent or guardian on a date to be arranged with the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

An unannounced home visitation may be conducted to secure more information about the applicant.Investigation of the grantee’s lifestyle will be conducted from time to time.

Note: Awarding of financial grants depends upon the availability of funds and/or slots. Therefore, applicants are processed on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis. Applicants with incomplete documents will be set aside until all requirements have been submitted.

Status of Application

The applicant inquires from the Registrar’s and Grants Office the status of application for financial assistance. A status letter signed by the School President will be given to the grantee a few weeks after enrollment