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Application Procedure and Requirements

1. Download the appropriate APPLICATION, RECOMMENDATION and HEALTH RECORD forms. It is recommended that good quality thick white 8″ x 14″ and 8″ x 11″ papers are used for the application form and recommendation/health record forms, respectively.

College transferees must download two forms: the Application for Admissions to College form and the Information Sheet for College Transferees.

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (GRADES 11 AND 12) must download track and interview form for senior high school

COLLEGE TRANSFEREE must download the Application for College Admission.

2.  Fill in the information requested on the forms: Paste a 2 x 2 ID picture on the box provided in the application form. Please do not leave any item unanswered.  If they do not apply to you, put N/A

3.  Have one copy each of the recommendation forms accomplished by your Principal, class adviser or counselor. Accomplished forms are to be submitted in sealed envelopes with the signature of the recommending person written across the flap.

4. Prepare the following:


    B. Photocopy of:

        – baptismal certificate

        – for Married College Applicants: marriage certificate

        – current report card (applicants with failing mark/s or a grade below 78 in more than one subject in any quarter  will not be entertained for application and testing)

        – for Transferees: complete records of collegiate grades certified by the Registrar 


               – course description of subjects taken

              – grading system in previous school

        – for Foreign Applicants: Study Permit and ACR

     C.  Certification from the Principal/Registrar on the school’s grading system (for those with letter grades only)

     D.  One 2 x 2 ID picture (identical to the 2 x 2) [for test permit]

5.  Submit all requirements personally or through an authorized representative to the Admissions Office of St. Scholastica’s College.  Secure application payment slip.

6.  Pay the application and testing fee (non-refundable).  Present receipt to Admissions Office and secure testing permit.

8.  Take the entrance test. 

8.  Applicants will be informed of the interview schedule by the Admissions staff.