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Access Control Guidelines


To formulate policies and guidelines that would regulate and control the access, identification and movement of students and personnel, visitors and vehicles while inside the campus and perimeters of St. Scholastica’s College.

Categories and their Definition

Persons and vehicles covered by these guidelines should be categorized and defined as follows:



Persons who are directly employed and/or officially connected (agency personnel) with St. Scholastica’s College, Manila on whatever employment status: permanent, probationary, contractual, food suppliers, or agency-hired personnel.

These are students who are currently enrolled in the Grade School, High School, Night Secondary School, and Collegiate Levels.


Residents (Priory/Manila Community)


The Benedictine Sisters and persons whose residence are within the school compound.


Persons who transact business with the school; deliver and fetch their children/wards; deliver supplies, materials, and equipment; visit residents; alumni who are entitled to use the school facilities or sites for their functions and activities; and any other person who wishes to enter the campus for legitimate purposes.

Regular Patrons


These are the  parents, guardians, private nurse, drivers, and alumni.


Cars, jeeps, utility vans, tricycles, pedicabs, motorcycles, and bicycles being used by the school personnel, students, parents, food suppliers and visitors; school buses or school vehicles;  delivery  and pick-up trucks that enter the school compound for whatever legitimate purpose. 

School Bus Operators Association (SBOA)

These are school bus operators who are recognized by the school to serve the bus riders. The Officers of the SBOA coordinates with the CSAS though the Safety and Security Officer on the school calendar of activities and on Safety and Security of concerns of the bus riders. Bus drivers and Bus mothers are provided with IDs for identification when they enter the campus during dismissal. 

 Identification Procedures

Identification cards shall be issued for each and every category as enumerated above in order that effective controls can be imposed on their movements and access to the different buildings and facilities of the school. For this purpose, the following colors of ID cards shall be issued per category enumerated below and according to the Unit/Area stated opposite each color, to wit:

• VERTICAL ID CARDS – for all direct-hired personnel. The ID shall consist of the employee’s number, picture, complete name and signature, color-coded bar for the Unit’s identification and the signature of the School President.

• VISITOR’S ID CARDS – ID cards for parents, alumni, guardians, drivers, private nurses and security personnel, and other agency personnel and regular patrons of the school.  The ID shall consist of control numbers, 


Grade School Unit


High School Unit and Night Secondary School


College Unit and Graduate School


Administration, Business Office, Registrar, President’s Office, Admission’s Office, Clinic, Safety and Security Office, Priory, and Manila Community


AGSO, Canteen, and Gym

• SPECIAL ID PASS – For Coaches, Trainers, Food Suppliers, SBOA Operators, Bus Mothers and Drivers, Private Nurse or Yayas attending to a sick student on certain days as approved by the CSAS.

• ALUMNI ID – For Alumna who wishes to visit the school, use the library, or for a meeting with anyone in school. 

• CAR PASS STICKER – The car pass shall be placed at the most visible spot on the upper right portion of the windshield. Parking slots are categorized based on the following signs/colors:

     – PARKING 1 – Reserved parking space for employees only.

     – PARKING 2 – For visitors on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED BASIS; 
       Reserved parking for School-Owned Buses

     – PARKING 3 (OTTILIEN GROUND FLOOR) – Reserved parking for School-owned vehicles 
       and for Administrators