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Academic Counseling

A student is encouraged to seek academic consultation and/or counseling/advising from her/his Professors, Department Chair, Dean/Director, Registrar or Counselors. The College offers a variety of professional services to make students’ life easier.  First-year students go through two semesters of Euthenics Program which provides them the opportunity to discuss with their advisers/counselors their academic and adjustment problems. Once in their major fields, students work closely with their Department Chairs/Program Coordinators who assist them in their academic needs. 

List of Academic Deans/Department Chairpersons/Coordinators:

Phone: (632) 567-7686 local 294

Dr. Remedios Ching
Dean of College

E-mail: dremy.ching@gmail.com

Phone: (632) 567-7686 local 299

Ester F. Ledesma
Dean of Accountancy

E-mail: ledesmaester@yahoo.com

Prof. Rolando Quiambao
Accountancy Undergraduate Program

Emai: rnq622@yahoo.com.ph

Phone: (632) 567-7686 local 292

Ma. Asuncion A. Azcuna
Dean of School of Arts and Sciences
E-mail: mariasunazcuna@yahoo.com

Dr. Richard Pulmones                        
Education Department, Undergraduate Programs

Email: richard.pulmones@yahoo.com

Prof. Adelaida Villegas                        
Education Department, Graduate Programs

Email: racmag47@yahoo.com

Prof. Joselito Kabayan                        
Department of Fine Arts & Interior Design
Email: jokayaban@yahoo.com

Prof. Evangeline Kuizon                                 Coordinator for Interior Design
Email: geek235@gmail.com

Prof. Bethel Ann Batallones                            
Department of Languages & Literature

Email: bethelannb@yahoo.com

Prof. Marina Merida                                        
Area Coordinator for Filipino

Email: mgmerida2011@gmail.com

Noel Christian Moratilla                                 Area Coordinator for Communication Arts
Emai: nomorat@yahoo.com

Atty. Charlton Jules Romero                    
Mass Communication Department

Email: cjpromero@yahoo.com

Prof. Lester Edgard Morales                    
Track Coordinator for Advertising

Email: lesteredgardmorales@yahoo.com

Prof. Flordeliz Abanto                                     
Track Coordinator for Broadcast Journalism

Email: lizaban2@yahoo.com

Prof. Ma. Aurora Lomibao        
Track Coordinator for Development Communication
Email: wowie.lomibao@gmail.com

Prof. Johnathan Rondina                          
Track Coordinator for Print Journalism

Email: nathrondina@gmail.com

Prof. Antonio Santos                                        
Department of Mathematics

Email: tony_santos8195@yahoo.com

Prof. Jovito Rey Gonzales                               
Department of Information Technology

Email: ovirey@yahoo.com

Prof. Cynthia Gayya                                       Nutrition and Dietetics Deparment
Email: ctgayya@yahoo.com

Dr. El Mithra Delacruz                         
Philosophy Department

Email: ellemithra@yahoo.com

Prof. Encarnita Deveraturda
Physical Education Department

Email: edevaraturda@yahoo.com

Dr. Ma. Victoria Trinidad         
Psychology / Guidance and Counseling Department, 

Graduate & Undergraduate Programs
Email: mvtrinidad_2005@yahoo.com

Prof. Salvacion Dorado                        
Natural Sciences Department

Email: salve.dorado@yahoo.com

Prof. Christian Jordan De la Rosa        
Coordinator for Biology

Email: cjodelarosa_ssc@yahoo.com

Prof. Mary Joy Orante                         
Social Sciences Department

Email: maryjoylro@yahoo.com

Prof. Raul Llorin                                              
Theology Department

Email: raullorin@yahoo.com

Dr. Carmelita Usog                                          
Department of Women’s Studies, 

Graduate & Undergraduate Programs
Email: lilith_usog@yahoo.com

Phone: (632) 567-7686 local 296

Ramon Mañalac
Dean of Commerce

E-mail:  ramon@manalac.com

Dr. Ralph Sabio                                               
Business Management

Email: alsabio@yahoo.com

Prof. Delia Sarmiento                          
Business & Information Systems Management

Email: msdelssc@gmail.com

Pro. Aries Gamboa                                      
International Business Economics and Diplomacy
Email: agamboa@bsp.gov.ph

Prof. Brenda Roselle Palad                  
Financial Management
Emai: brendapalad@yahoo.com

Prof. Evaristo Acuna                            
Marketing Management

Email: joeya_0526@yahoo.com

Phone: (632) 567-7686 local 288

Sr. Mary Placid Abejo, OSB
Dean of Music

E-mail: sr.placid.abejo@ssc.edu.ph

Prof. Ramona T. Balingcos
Associate Dean of Music

Email: ramona_balingcos@yahoo.com

Prof. Marian De Vera                           
Music Education Department

Email: marian_d_v@yahoo.com

Prof. Juliana Moonette Manrique                   Piano Department
Emai: msmanrique@yahoo.com

Prof. Mia Lina Bolanos                         
Voice Department

Email: lilarayana@yahoo.com

Prof. Greg Zuniega                                          
Theory and Literature Department

Email: gzuniega@yahoo.com

Prof. Joseph Guzman                          
Guitar Department

Email: hellshock999@yahoo.com

Prof. Gina Medina                                          
Strings and Wind Department

Email: gina.violin@gmail.com