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The Philosophy Department commits itself to the intellectual and moral formation of learners by developing their cognitive skills in purposeful search for existential meaning. It directs learner’s cognitive development toward transformative concretization that is achieved through self-realization in relation to others and to the Divine.       


Our department envisions learners and graduates who enabled for critical deliberation, reasoned inquiry, and creative self-integration in pursuit of intellectual and moral excellence as professionally competent and socially-responsible individuals.

General Objective

To develop critical minds by delivering an integrated process of reasoned inquiry and creative thinking that will engage learners in constant pursuit of holistic knowledge and transformative intellectual skills.

Specific Objectives

• To equip learners with the cognitive tool for structuring experience, thought content, and language into one coherent truth-statement

• To enable students to construct reasonable inferences through careful deliberation of personal judgment and those of the others

• To promote intellectual postures that critically accept, reject, or suspend claims of truth, and to whichever evaluation and appropriation of reasonable grounds precede proper judgment

• To encourage persistence in reflecting on the nature of the human person that takes the SELF as the vantage point from which existential meaning is derived and integrated to

• To inculcate in the minds of the students an understanding of the Ultimate Good to which all other ends in human activities – as rational, social, economic, cultural, spiritual beings – are directed, unified, and instrumental to the authentic moral life

• To achieve a lived-synthesis of various philosophical discourses into one integrated and coherent existential value

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