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The Department began in the school year 1989-1990 as the Department of Art Appreciation and Interior Design. Today, the Department of Fine Arts and Interior Design (DFAID) is a unified unit tasked to service curricula for the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Programs. The Department also services other units requiring mentor competencies for Art Appreciation Courses. DFAID’s qualified mentors in arts and design cross-over to other programs and courses to facilitate student learner-centered strategies through Studio-based learning. It maintains seven studios for studio arts and interior design, a photography laboratory, and art & design workshop areas. The Department continues to internalize and grow with the Benedictine Tradition of Prayer and Work (Ora et Labora). It has produced Scholastican graduate artists and designers serving industries locally and abroad. While others participate in the academe.

Specific Objectives

• To strategize learner-centered competencies for verifiable student skills development at all year level standings. Monitor strengths and weaknesses of learner’s levels of performance for quality intervention by art/design mentor.

• To strengthen & instill profundity of learners’ scholarship for art or design research and application needed for content and structural representation or board presentation of art/design works.

• To intensify program application by developing art & design competencies of student artist/ design learners through studio-based learning.

• To prepare learners’ dexterity for careers and allied fields as practicing artists/designers.

• To attain proficiency for Board Exam as required for Interior Designers.

• To allow learners to experience technological use through actual applications for aesthetic and design productions.

• To provide learners a professional sharing experience with art/design mentors through learning conversation and mentor-mentee settings. These include mentoring, critique and value judgment of works.

• To set learning deeply rooted with production ethics and morality to discourage image or work plagiarism, and encourage honesty and integrity of the medium.

• To prepare learners for life-long learning in the Arts and Design. Participate where ever and whenever it is warranted to express, create and present art/design works for human needs and requirement for the purpose of advancing our society.

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