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Vision and Mission 

1. To reinvigorate the youth’s sense of nationalism and actively enlist them as productive members of society in nation-building through the provision of sensible and responsive education in the social sciences;

2. To heighten their awareness and understanding of key socio-economic concerns in order for them to make substantive and well-informed decisions within the area of policymaking and elections; and

3. To help the students appreciate the past, adjust to the present and work for the future with sensible discourses and activities in the social sciences;


1. To assist students in defining the relationship of the citizen to the state, highlighting the limitations of citizen rights and privileges as well as their duties and responsibilities to the state;

2. To discuss the form and structure of the Philippine government as stipulated in the 1987 Constitution as well as describe the evolution of the present government and the institutional practices of society to ensure the preservation of the country’s liberal democratic traditions;

3. To enhance the knowledge of students on socio-political theories of the west from classical to contemporary times and to appreciate the context of the development of socio-political thought;

4. To emphasize the importance of examining Jose Rizal’s socio-political ideas with contemporary social and political conditions;

5. To provide a scientific approach in analyzing culture and society and more importantly formulate viable and tangible alternatives in addressing present social issues; and

6. To examine the development of the Philippine government and society through different historical eras from the colonial years until and modern times.

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