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Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

The BS Nutrition and Dietetics Program is a four-year degree program composed of three professional core areas of specialization namely: clinical dietetics, public health nutrition, and food service management. The program equips the student with competencies in planning, management, and supervision of diets of healthy and diseased individuals, designing effective nutrition programs in health promotion and disease prevention, and food production and administration of foodservice operations geared at building entrepreneurial capabilities.  All of these are grounded on continuous integration and application of the principles of food and nutrition, human behavior and biomedical sciences. Practicum programs on these areas complete the course and the graduate must pass the professional board examination in Nutrition and Dietetics given by the Professional Regulations Commission to earn the license as Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (RND).


The philosophy of Nutrition and Dietetics is founded on the following tenets:

• Develop manpower base with adequate knowledge, attitudes and skills in foods, nutrition, dietetics, management and allied fields through quality formal education;

• Provide situations that will develop skills of observing, analyzing questioning, hypothesizing, experimenting and decision-making so as to take an effective part in changing society;

• Provide training that will instill love and respect for each person, self-discipline as well as personal and social responsibility; and

• Develop graduates imbued with ideals, aspirations, and traditions of the Filipinos attuned to global developments.

The objectives of the Department are to develop graduates who:

• Demonstrate and apply the fundamental knowledge, attitudes, and skills in food, nutrition, dietetics management, and allied fields;

• Are responsive to society’s social issues and concerns taking into account its needs, resources, and potentials; and,

• Strive for academic excellence in their chosen program of study thereby fully preparing themselves for the 2-year preparatory for health courses and for the licensure examination in Nutrition and Dietetics

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