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The School of Arts and Sciences commits itself to provide a holistic liberal arts core and professional education characterized by:

• opportunities for the development of higher cognitive skills
• social responsiveness
• a passion for art and culture
• deep concern for ecology
• meaningful and vibrant spirituality
• responsible use of technology and other resources
• sensitivity to issues of women and the marginalized so as to contribute to the creation of a just and humane society


We envision our students and graduates to be academically grounded for professional competence, imbued with Benedictine values, and actively engaged in the social, economic and political realities of the local and global community.


Towards this end, we provide — through a strong liberal arts education — the dynamic academic atmosphere, processes, opportunities, and resources that will enable the learners to actively pursue and acquire knowledge and skills, and to develop Benedictine values and attitudes that will continuously inspire them to be critically involved not only in their respective disciplines but also in issues affecting society.

Our programs are designed to achieve learning outcomes that are demonstrable in the students’ knowledge, abilities, skills, and attitudes. As such, the School of Arts and Sciences graduates students who have:

• expanded their skills in effective communication
• enhanced their creativity and artistic expression
• developed a sense of responsibility in their use of state-of-the-art technology
• refined their critical discernment for sound decision-making
• improved their research capabilities for scholarly work
• acquired a genuine concern for a sustainable environment
• fine-tuned their intra-and interpersonal skills, and
• imbibed Christian and ethical values.

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