2560 Leon Guinto Street

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GS 1The Grade School Unit of St. Scholastica’s College is committed to providing you an education characterized by the Benedictine way of life while at the same time creating an atmosphere of critical inquiry and innovativeness in teaching strategies and approaches to student learning.

Imbued with the ideals of “Ora et Labora” (prayer and work), you are offered an atmosphere of shared prayer life, a spirit of community, thirst for knowledge and one filled with excitement to explore Philippine culture and tradition and venture into a world that the new millennium has to offer.  As a Scholastican grade schooler, you will experience a rich spiritual life as you go through such milestones of your life as a Christian – your First Holy Communion, recollection day – transforming you into a well-founded Christian that is a heritage of Benedictine children the world over.


IMG_2101We begin with an awareness of God who created us in His own image and likeness.

A. He calls us to be Co-Creators with Him, helping Him continue the work of creation by:

1. Developing our physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional well-being;
2. Developing self-discipline and creativity;
3. Respecting our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others;
4. Respecting life and everything that is life giving;
5. Recognizing our role as growing Christian Pilipinas in a developing nation. As stewards of God.

B.  He calls us to be Decision-Makers who are free and responsive to the needs of others by:

1. Being critically aware of existing realities;
2. Acquiring the skills of observing, analyzing, questioning, hypothesizing, experimenting, weighing alternatives, setting priorities and decision-making;
3. Searching for truth in our daily lessons and experiences;
4. Participating actively in the formulation of procedures and practices that directly affect us;
5. Accepting the consequences of our decision and our actions

Our basic guidelines are the Gospel values as they are found in the Person of Christ.

C.  He calls us to be Meaning-Givers, living life in the light of Faith, finding and giving meaning to our work by:

1. A lively and intelligent participation in the liturgy;
2. The appreciation of our rich Pilipino cultural heritage and the development of those given talents which will enable us to contribute to this heritage;
3. The appreciation of truth, goodness, and beauty through a study of literature and the cultural arts; and
4. The effective use of language, both English and Filipino for communication and self-expression.

GSAVC_2503D. He calls us to live a life in community by:

1. Relating meaningfully and creatively with our peers, our elders, and our communities;
2. Relating with learning from, and responding to the needs of everyone in our home, school and community according to the particular stage of development in which we are, as growing 
Christian Filipinas.

Through a school atmosphere of ORA et LABORA, we aim to develop an integrated Scholastican who, in the future that is to be hers, shall be ready to confront social problems and shape social policies, and through a life of SERVICE attain her final goal – Christ.