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Safety & SecuritySafety and Security Committee is primarily responsible for the planning and implementation of safety and security on the campus. Through our service provider, the top priority is given to supporting school plans and policies through the execution and implementation of appropriate security plans and measures.  To provide total protection to all members and guests of the Scholastican Community, we require the service provider to assign trained, licensed, and accredited security personnel who are supervised by a Professional Detachment Supervisor at all times.  We guarantee dedication and reliability from our security personnel through fair, functional and constructive management.

In keeping with its dedication to the provision of total protection, the Safety and Security Committee and its service provider regularly draw information regarding prevailing security circumstances as well as analyses and forecasts of the situation from its highly effective and long-tested resources. Established coordination with the PNP, AFP, Barangay Officials, and a Task Force Safe School Team, enables us to create measures and design plans to anticipate and mitigate any type of security situation.

The Security Office of St. Scholastica’s College is thus always ready to secure, protect and defend the entire community – its members and stakeholders, facilities and properties.

Through this, we aim to provide all members of the community with information that will enable all its members to maximize the use of the Security Office’s resources and services whenever needed.  While it is our hope that such Security measures as those pertaining to emergencies detailed herein will never be necessary, the need for such a website is dictated by pragmatic purposes.

In order to achieve our plans and desire to give total protection to this community, the Safety and Security Committee activated the Emergency Response Team composed of the well-trained personnel on fire fighting, bomb management, first aid, and evacuation procedures. It will immediately operate in a minimal time when any disaster arises and through the decision making of the Emergency Management Team who will also activate in times of emergencies.

Be assured that any safety and security measure that needs to be implemented for emergencies CAN and WILL become operational within a minimal reasonable time.


• To handle emergency situations with optimum effectiveness, minimum disruption to the school business operation, least damage to property and protection from injury and loss of lives.

• To provide descriptions of specific scenario as may occur and clarify its authority to effect evacuation.

• To establish organization, responsibility and control in all areas affected by the evacuation.

• To establish medical and security emergency assistance.

• To develop safety and security awareness among employees, students, tenants, concessionaires, and the whole community.

• To specify the action to be undertaken during the actual occurrence of an emergency in order to avoid panic and save lives and properties.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday

From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Lunch Break is from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm)


From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

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