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ISE CenterVision

Our vision is to be the best and trustworthy data stewards with statistical and analytical skills, maintaining a repository of evaluation and body of data that aid data users: unit and office heads determine appropriate answers related to administrative decision-/ policy-making. The ISEC will strive to become a leading provider of statistical assistance and expertise to the SSC community; continuously providing meaningful evaluation data and user-friendly statistics presentations to the entire institution.


As the center of evaluation and statistics expertise of St. Scholastica’s College, the ISEC will:

• Consistently provide

     – timely, accessible, reliable, user-friendly statistical analysis to the SSC community, 
       especially to the college, high school, grade school, and institutional offices,

     – meaningful evaluation data and statistical analysis and presentation to the unit & office heads,

• Create an emerging user-friendly statistics system and presentation to help SSC employees and students acquire the statistical skills necessary to build data proficient community,

• Render outstanding support in the analysis and interpretation of data to derive statistically sound evidence for decision-making and policy-making,

• Produce and provide quality evaluation and statistical data, products, and services to the entire institution.

The ISEC will strive to fulfill this mission through:

• Dedication and commitment to meet the expectations of the clientele for prompt, reliable, and efficient statistical and evaluation services.

• Systematic and organized data management and filing of records,

• Excellence in providing meaningful evaluation and statistical data analysis and presentation to aid administrators in planning and decision-making,

• Striving for higher productivity – inspiring creativity and innovativeness,

• Promoting professionalism, excellence, instilling discipline, and upholding integrity in carrying out all transactions and services.

• Upholding Benedictine values of humility, honesty, integrity, stewardship, and commitment to truth, justice, and service.

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