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AB Political Science

AB Political Science with specialization in International Relations

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Specialization in International Relations Program explores the exercise of power in its various forms and contexts with emphasis on the practices in the Philippines, a country caught in the rapid process of social and political change. The Program provides the students conceptual, theoretical, and practical study of politics that is both challenging and responsive to the times, in preparation to the students’ chosen career in government, foreign service, law, politics, education and research.

Vision and Mission 

• To manifest functional or working knowledge of political, socio-cultural and historical concepts, theories, philosophies and principles;

• To exhibit a pro-active role in the school, organizational, and societal events/transactions; and

• To show willingness to be agents of positive social transformation in the areas of school advocacies: women, children, environment and just peace.


• To produce individuals who are capable of participating in political exercises and at the same time having the ability to be very conversant on pertinent social and political concerns of the past and that of the present;

• To educate students on the discourses of political science and manifestations and implications of these discourses on political processes, personalities and institutions in the domestic and international setting; and

• To enlist students as responsible professionals, an individual with a balance of values and technical skills.  

Competencies of the Program

• To operationalize political concepts and theories in studying the dynamics and operations of government institutions and how said institutions interact with societal actors and economic variables;

• To initiate change and reform in the political system and address important societal issues utilizing the due process or rule of law;

• To instill a mindset of being analytical in discerning social and political concerns;

• To have a substantial understanding how government works and more importantly, how as citizens act as partners to make government effective and efficient; and

• To practice moral standards of accountability and transparency grounded what is collectively beneficial for society.