2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila











Transfer of the Institute of Women Studies to its own building, Nursia, across the street from SSC



Impact evaluation of SPA centers

Revised edition of Liturgy of the Hours published, using inclusive language.

Alternative retirement house in Tagaytay ready for occupancy

Institute of Women’s Studies acquires its own building

Military officials are convicted of the murder of Benigno Aquino

Feb 19:  Defense Secretary Dick Cheney met in Manila with Defense Minister Fidel Ramos to discuss the future of U.S. Bases in the country

Jul 2:  Imelda Marcos and Adnan Khashoggi were found not guilty of racketeering

Jul 16:  An intensity 7.8 earthquake shook Central Luzon, seriously damaging the cities of Baguio, Cabanatuan, and Dagupan, resulting in many deaths

Oct 6:  Seventh coup against Aquino fails

Nov 6:  Inauguration of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao by President Corazon Aquino


Strong involvement of all sectors and levels in rehabilitation of victims of the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo

College opens degree course in accountancy (Bachelor of Science in Accountancy)

Priory Chapter: Defining of tasks and priorities; emphasis on option for the poor

June:  Mt. Pinatubo erupts after 6 centuries.  St. Mary’s Academy, Bacolor, buried in lahar up to second floor; two Sisters start work with aborigines in Palayan (their refuge); emergency relief work in Angeles and San Fernando

Half of the first floor of St. Mary’ Academy was buried in lahar

Earthquake in Baguio: St. Benedict Annex destroyed.  Later reconstructed


Flood in Ormoc, Leyte.  Destruction includes school, houses (also of many of the school personnel), records

St. Peter’s College, Ormoc destroyed by flood

Immersion community in Marihatag established

Housing projects initiated in

  – Marikina for maintenance and staff;

  – St. Benedict’s Village, Ormoc, for flood victims


Jun 12:  Mount Pinatubo in Zambales erupts after more than 600 years of inactivity.  The eruption forces the closure of Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City and displaces hundreds of aeta families


Aug 27:  Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Security between the Philippines and U.S. providing for a 10 year extension of the U.S. bases in the Philippines is signed

Sept 16:  Philippine Senate rejects the new treaty providing a 10 year extension of the U.S. Bases

Nov 5:  Nearly 7,000 people are killed in floods

Nov 26:  The American flag is lowered for the last time at Clark Air Base in Angeles City, as the United States leaves one of its oldest and largest overseas installations due to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo

Dec 27-29:  Libyan trained Abubakar Janjalani breaks with the Moro National Liberation Front and forms “Abu Sayyaf” army


St. Mary’s Academy turned over to another congregation

Sister sent to the U.S.A. for gerontology studies


Jun 30:  Fidel Ramos is inaugurated President and Joseph Estrada as Vice President



July:  Presidential Anti-Crime Commission (PACC) is formed with Vice-President Joseph Estrada as its head

Sept:  Imelda Marcos is convicted of corruption and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. Conviction appealed

Sept 16:  Philippine Senate rejects extension of Subic Bay Naval Base for another ten years

Nov 24:  U.S. turns over Subic Bay Naval Base to the Philippine government




Impact study of ABS schools starts to be ready for next Chapter

Our Lady of Caysasay Academy turned over to the parish priest

Apr 25:  President Ramos signs trade agreement with People’s Republic of China

Jun 1:  U.S. approves Mutual Aid Initiative (Philippine Assistance Plan) for $60 million

Sept 11:  The remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos is brought to rest in Batac, Ilocos Norte

Sept 21:  President Ramos and President Soeharto of Indonesia signs Southeast Asian Free Trade Agreement (AFTA)


CDCI (Community Development Center Inc.) building blessed

Postulants’ House added to the Novitiate

St. Scholastica’s Center of Spirituality opens in Tagaytay City

The Sacred Heart Chapel at the St. Scholastica’s Center of Spirituality (SSCS) in Tagaytay City

SSCS buildings

Feb:  Federal Court of Hawaii awards $1,200 million in punitive damages to 10,000 Filipinos tortured under President Marcos’ administration

Feb 2:  U.S. and Philippine reach agreement on extradition treaty

Apr 15:  Philippines and Vietnam sign trade pacts

May 31:  Amnesty for Communist insurgents, military rebels, and soldiers is approved

Nov 13:  Extradition Treaty and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between the U.S. and the Philippines is signed

President Clinton visits the Philippines and assures leaders that his party’s severe losses in the midterm elections will not affect his foreign policy


Congress passes the death penalty law due to widespread crime

A federal jury in Hawaii awarded 9,539 victims and heirs $1.2 billion in “exemplary damages” against the estate of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.  In 1995, the same jury awarded the plaintiffs $766 million for injury compensation. 

 1995   Priory Chapter.  Emphasis on: reverent care for the earth – ecology with justice and peace; women’s issues; OCW and family evangelization; a Lay Missionaries Program; international solidarity through Sisters’ studies and formation

Jan 10-15:  World Youth Day is held in Manila.  Pope John Paul II urges the youth to reject cynicism.  Millions of people attend the last Mass of his visit

Pope John Paul II celebrated a final Mass during his visit to the Philippines, drawing millions of people

Sept:  Switzerland returns to the Philippines $500 million left by the late Philippine ruler Ferdinand Marcos

Nov 3:  Typhoon Angela and Zac kill 1,068 and leave thousand homeless


SSC celebrates “90 years of grace”.  The Grade School re-enacts the arrival of the first Benedictine Sisters in Tondo.


The re-enactment act of the arrival of the five German sisters at the Pier in Plaza Moriones during the celebration of the school’s ‘90 Years of Grace in December 3, 1996

Appointment of the first lay vice-presidents:  Mrs. Cecile Gutierrez as Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Ms. Linda Gil as Vice-President for Administration.

Dr. Cecile B. Gutierrez,
 first lay Vice-President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Linda Gil,
 first lay Vice-President for Administration

Revival of the “Work-A-Year” program into the Lay Volunteers Program – for new graduates to volunteer their services in mission areas or poor schools for a year.

 1996     Jun:  Talks between the government and Muslim rebels are held to end the 24-year conflict that has killed 50,000 people in the southern islands

Mar:  Ozone Disco fire kills 159 students and injures at least 111 others

Aug 4:  Philippine Flyweight boxer Mansueto Velasco, Jr. wins silver medal in the Atlanta 1996 Olympics

Aug 23:  Centennial celebration of the Philippine revolution against Spain in Manila is attended by 800 world-renowned historians, scholars, researchers, writers, and academicians

Sept 2:  Peace agreement between Philippine government and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is signed in Manila.


Nov 20-25:  The summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) is held in Manila

APEC Summit

November 20-25, 1996


Divine Word University Hospital incorporated separately from the University; named Divine Word Hospital.

Jul  18:  The government signs a ceasefire agreement with MILF; the second large1998st Muslim rebel group

Sept 21:  Cardinal Sin and Corazon Aquino lead anti-Cha Cha rally in the Luneta, ending attempts to extend Ramos’ term by constitutional amendment

Dec 12:  A Switzerland high court orders Swiss Banks to send $500 million assets of the late Ferdinand Marcos back to the Philippines

1998 Establishment of School of Accountancy.

Donation of land for a Benedictine school by Ayala Land Incorporated.

First lay missionary to Tanzania.

May 11:  Joseph Estrada, a former actor wins the presidential election, takes his oath of office on June 30 as the nation’s 13th president and Gloria Arroyo as Vice-President 


Jun 12:  Centennial Celebrations commemorate hundredth anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence (1898-1998)


Sisters’ Congress December 28-31 and “welcome” to the new millennium.

Feb 4:  President Joseph Estrada signs as “Jose Velarde” to withdraw $10 million from an undeclared account in the presence of Clarissa Ocampo, Vice-President of Equitable Bank

Clarissa Ocampo, Vice-President of Equitable Bank and an SSC alumna, testifying during the impeachment trial of then President Joseph Estrada

Aug 20:  150,000 people protest against the economic changes in the constitution  proposed by President Estrada

Nov 27-28:  The 10-nation ASEAN summit opens.  ASEAN leaders in the Philippines agree to increase cooperation toward a common market

Dec 12-17:  A 6.8 earthquake hit Luzon and at least 5 people are killed.  A 4.8 earthquake struck Leyte province

Five national and man-made disaster hit the Philippines in 1999