2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




1970 – 1979






Enrichment of  college course offerings with new majors in all four-year programs

Innovation in teaching approaches especially in the Grade School: developmental reading, science process approach, discovery approach in mathematics, integration and interdisciplinary approach

Appointment of Sister Margarita Alovera as the first Filipino prioress.

Drafting of new Constitutions for the Congregation


Jan:  President Marcos’ State of the Nation Address is met by students’ demonstration denouncing the true state of the nation

Jan 30:  Students attack Malacañang Palace with Molotov cocktails.  “Battle of Mendiola”

Feb:  Peso devaluation results in price increases, food shortages, and  unemployment

Feb 18:  U.S. Embassy in Manila is attacked by 3,000 youths

Apr 7:  Start of a general strike to protest increased oil prices and transportation costs


Appointment of first lay person as dean: Ms. Linda Gil as Dean of Commerce

May 15 – Jun 14: First Manila Priory Chapter

Feb: The University of the Philippines students set up barricades against attacking police forces. The Diliman Commune is directed against the government announcement of an oil price hike

Jun: Delegates to the Constitutional Convention convene to draft a new Constitution

Aug 21: The Liberal Party (LP) Proclamation rally at Plaza Miranda is bombed.  Top LP leaders are among the injured.  President Marcos suspends the writ of habeas corpus and arrests student leaders


Sept 21: Declaration of Martial Law.  Classes suspended for a week for the elementary grades, 3 weeks for the high school and the college departments

Holy Cross Academy, Carigara, Leyte burned.

Holy Cross Academy destroyed by fire

Sept 21: Martial Law declared

Jan 12: Writ of habeas corpus is restored except for those in detention

Sept 21: mMarcos declares Martial Law and orders the arrest and detention of opposition and other public figures, including Sen. Benigno S. Aquino, Jr.

Ferdinand E. Marcos
declaring Martial Law

Oct 20:  A new constitution is approved by a cowed Con-Con

Dec 7:  First Lady Imelda Marcos is stabbed and seriously wounded


Grade School accredited by PAASCU

Opening of the Night Secondary School for working women in the neighborhood

Apostolate in Maasin, Leyte is shifted from school education to social work

Blessing and inauguration of Tuason Community Center, Marikina

Jan 17:  Marcos signs decrees extending martial law

Jul 13:  Marcos lifts curfew; eases free speech restrictions

Dec 31:  Referendum “overwhelmingly” approves new constitution

Jul 22:  Margarita Moran won the Miss Universe title which was held in Athens Greece making her the second Filipina to win the title after Gloria Diaz in 1969.  She was also crowned as Miss Photogenic.



Education for Justice SSC’s theme, particularly in the light of Martial Law

Formation of the Inter-Institutional Consortium between and among St. Scholastica’s College, De La Salle College, St. Paul College of Manila, Philippine Christian College and Adamson University


Sept 1:  Catholic bishops petition Marcos to end martial law

Sept 11:  President Marcos orders the release of Jose Diokno

Sept 17:  Supreme Court upholds legality of martial law


Third Manila Priory Chapter; Mother Irene Dabalus elected prioress.  Four-pronged thrust of the priory’s missionary work defined

SSC’s theme:  Education for Justice towards Social Transformation

Third Manila Priory Chapter.  First election of the prioress.  Mother Irene Dabalus elected

Four-pronged thrust of apostolate defined by Mother Irene and the Chapter


Apr 4: Senator Benigno Aquino starts hunger strike


Pangantucan mission community founded in Bukidnon upon invitation of Bishop Francisco Claver, S.J.

Jan 21:  Marcos postpones all national elections indefinitely

Aug 26: Bernabe Buscayno, head of the New People’s Army and Victor Corpus, captured earlier in July


Nov 25: Military tribunal sentences Aquino to death; worldwide protests forces Marcos to reopen trial



March 29: Sisters turn over St. Benedict’s Academy, Guinobatan, Albay to parish priest

Apr 6: Thousands participate in a “noise barrage” to support LABAN candidates led by Aquino 

Apr 7: Elections to the Interim Batasang Pambansa held.  In Metro Manila.  LABAN wins 21 seats, organizes a protest march.  Lorenzo Tañada, Franciso Rodrigo, Aquilino Pimentel, and Teofisto Guingona are arrested

Jun 12: Marcos is sworn in as Prime Minister as well as President.  Imelda appointed to the cabinet


Jan 7:  The U.S. military bases agreement is amended.  The Philippines is assured sovereignty over the bases but U.S. is guaranteed unhampered military use of the bases.  The U.S. Commits 500 million dollars to the Philippines over the next 5 years

May 7-Jun 1:  The Philippines hosts the United Nation’s Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) at PICC; 200 delegates from 157 countries attended

Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin speaks out against martial law, appeals for Aquino’s release

Dec:  Marcos orders arrest of some fifteen to twenty alleged leaders of the Light-A-Fire Movement for several bombings in Metro Manila