2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




1950 – 1959


Reconstruction of different buildings of SSC with aid from different sources (From 1950-1954)


  Aug 26:  Hukbalahap raids come to a head with simultaneous and well-prepared attacks on Tarlac, Santa Cruz, Laguna and other places

Sept 1:  President Elpidio Quirino appoints Ramon Magsaysay Secretary of National Defense

Oct 1:  U.S. Economic Survey finds insurgency situation in the Philippines desperate

Oct 18:  The Philippine Politburo is smashed together with the rest of 23 top-ranking Filipino Communists in Manila

Nov 15:  Signing of the Quirino-Foster Agreement.  This agreement provides for United States assistance as the “solution of age-old social and economic problems” in the Philippines


Jun 16:  National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) organized
Aug 30:  A mutual defense pact is signed by the representatives of the Philippines in the United States in Washington


High School (1952)

 Sisters leave Holy Infant Academy, Tacloban

Oct:  Typhoon “Trix” unroof and seriously destroy Immaculate Conception Academy in Boac, Marinduque.  Repairs not possible.  The Sisters leave in April, 1953


Immaculate Conception Academy 
destroyed by super typhoon “Trix”


National elections. Religious women participate for the first time

Dec 30:  Ramon Magsaysay and Carlos P. Garcia are inaugurated President and Vice-President, respectively




War claims approved by U.S. War Claims Commission.  Atty. Lewis McGowan, U.S. lawyer helping SSC, donates his attorney’s fees

Mar 11: The War Claims Commission of the U.S.A approves the war claims of SSC

May 15:  Hukbalahap Supremo Luis Taruc surrenders to the government

Sept 8: The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is organized with the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines as members Marian Congress



Reconstruction of St. Cecilia’s Hall finished; inaugural concert set for February 27, but reset to March 12, as Mother Stefana dies February 24

Interior of St. Cecilia’s Hall (1955)

Feb 24: Mother Prioress Stefana dies.  The re-opening of St. Cecilia’s Hall has to be postponed.  Mother Godfrieda Baumeister appointed the new prioress

Mar 11: Blessing of the new St. Cecilia’s Hall.  Grand concert follows the next day

May 5:  Noli-Fili controversy: compulsory reading of Rizal’s controversial novels opposed by the Philippine Catholic hierarchy

Aug 12: President Ramon Magsaysay notifies Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama of Japan that the Philippine Government has accepted the Neri-Takazaki reparations formula

Sept 6: The Laurel-Langley Agreement is approved by both the American and Philippine Governments following its conclusion by Senator Jose P. Laurel and James M. Langley on December 15, 1954.  It is put into effect on January 1, 1956

Oct 12: Bohlen-Serrano agreement on military bases signed


SSC reintroduces Grade 7 in the elementary grades

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEE) introduced

Sept 10-16:  Golden Jubilee celebration of the Manila Priory and St. Scholastica’s College

May 9:  The Reparations Agreement is signed at Malacañang by Representatives of the Philippines and Japan


Accreditation of the College by the PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities); SSC becomes a charter member of PAASCU

General Chapter of the Congregation

Mar 17:  Death of President Ramon Magsaysay in a plane crash

Mar 18:  Vice-President Carlos P. Garcia is sworn in as President of the Philippines


May 1: Philippine flag raised alongside U.S. Flag in U.S. Bases

Nov 12:  Garcia (Nacionalista Party) reelected president with Diosdado Macapagal (Liberal Party) as vice-president


Opening of St. Scholastica’s Academy, Bacolod City and St. Benedict’s Academy, Guinobatan, Albay


St. Scholastica’s Academy,
Bacolod City


Liberal Arts course enriched with several choices of major areas: English, Mathematics, History, Business Administration; later, Guidance and Counseling.