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General Education Science Program

Description of the Program

The General Education Science Program consists of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry subjects offered to all college students. The subjects provide an introduction and an overview of the respective fields of science. An understanding of the scientific principles and concepts, acquisition of science process skills, development of higher-order thinking skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making) and the practice of attitudes and values form the highlights of the general education courses. To make the subjects relevant and functional, they are customized to the respective fields/areas of study of the students.


Science is a very important tool in equipping students with a firm grasp and understanding of themselves and the world with which they interact – that is, the biophysico – chemical environment and the whole society. The various factors in this environment are constantly interacting with one another to create changes. Thus, the GE science curriculum is crafted and organized around situations and problems that stimulate the students’ curiosity, which marks the beginning of the scientific inquiry. Through the knowledge, skills, and values acquired in the general education science courses, it is hoped that the students can innovate changes for the benefit of humankind.


Some general education courses do not have requirements. There are, however, some that require pre-requisite subjects.

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