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SSC Research and Dev Foundation

SSC Research and Dev Foundation


SSRDF was founded in 1976 principally to enable students who, while being academically qualified, could not study at St. Scholastica’s College without financial assistance.  The move was likewise a response to the missionary thrust of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters who own and operate the institution. Incorporators included like-minded lay men and women and members of the Benedictine Sisters.

For purposes of tax advantage, the corporation applied for certification for tax exemption for donors with the Department of Science and Technology.  Certification, renewable every five years, has been enjoyed by the corporation since then.

Initial donors were alumnae and friends of St. Scholastica’s College. Interest rates being favorable at the time, “restricted” funds were established – keeping the capital intact and using only the investment income for support of scholars.

Jubilarian graduates traditionally donated towards the Fund on Alumnae Day, held on or near the feast of St. Scholastica, February 10.

Mid-1980.  SSC’s administrators allowed students to hold special days with activities with fund-raising as part of school festival days.  Proceeds were donated in whole or in part to the SSRDF.  This became an annual event till difficult economic times hit the country when fund-raising events were discontinued.

1999.  The first “pledge donation” was given for a certain amount annually for five years, for a memorial scholarship fund.  Five years later, the pledge was extended for another 5 years.

Former classmates and schoolmates set up memorial scholarship fund for Marilyn Bengzon-St. Pierre. Fellow Scholasticans now residing in Toronto recently established the Marilyn Bengzon-St. Pierre Memorial Scholarship with the SSRDF for their friend who had succumbed to a fatal sickness.

Zennie Lat Bernardo visited and brought an additional donation to the fund in the name of the Scholastican alumnae of the Canada chapter of the alumnae association.

Additional donations were sent in by former pupils of Sister Simeona Ricalde and Mrs. Gloria Aspillera Quintos to the respective commemorative scholarship funds.  Similarly, in remembrance of Sister Mary Sylvester Marpa from a former pupil.

A good friend added to the scholarship fund remembering Ma. Corazon Sta. Romana.

For the second consecutive year, the Foundation received a generous donation from an anonymous donor.  Again, greatly appreciated.

SSRDF scholars obtain bachelor’s degrees.  On March 22, 2009, Ten (10) SSRDF grantees successfully finished their college studies and obtained their respective degrees, 3 with honors.

SSAA in the US West Coast hosted a reunion of alumnae in Las Vegas early July 2009, and sent a donation for the SSAA 2009 Reunion Scholarship Fund.

The 2009 list of college graduates included 10 SSRDF-sponsored scholars.  Among them were three (3) who graduated with honors: 1 magna cum laude, 1 cum laude, and 1 with distinction.
Alumnae Homecoming 2009 brought donations from Emerald jubilarians and Sapphire jubilarians which put up their respective scholarship funds.

Alumnae Day 2010 brought donations to the SSRDF from AB’60, celebrating their golden jubilee of graduation from college and HS’47.

Mila Alvarez-Magno has likewise started a scholarship fund in memory of her mother, Mrs. Helen  
 Soriano Alvarez.

Teresita Jesswani, a former college teacher at SSC, has time and again sent in or brought donations for the SSRDF scholarship program.  Now living in Canada, Teresita visited SSC when she came home for some months to be with her sick sister who lives in Greater Manila.  She too will have a scholarship in her name.

Donations have come in too from former scholars now graduated and working in different areas and capacities.  Heartening!

A Remy Palileo Memorial Scholarship Fund was initiated by her family as a tribute to Remy Agra Palileo (HS Class ’39) on the occasion of her first death anniversary on April 26, 2010. Husband Atty Eugenio Palileo with daughters Cristina Palileo-Tuazon (SAA – HS ’62), Josefina Palileo-Sangalang (HS ’63), Maria Clarissa Palileo (HS Class ’65), and Concepcion Palileo-dela Rama (HS ’70) set up the fund in May. Recently classmates Salve Pe�a-Neelankavil, Rosemary Pea-Blancaflor, and Neni Sta Romana-Cruz have pledged contributions to the Remy Palileo Memorial Fund.

Former scholar donates scholarship.  Ma. Fe  Perez Agudo, was a BSC graduate of 1983 and an SSRDF scholar during her college years.  Ma. Fe is now the president and chief executive officer of the Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.  Mrs. Agudo sponsored a scholar in accounting.  Then she has added two more scholarships.  The new grants can be for any degree course. Beautiful gesture!

Ms. Ma. Fe Perez Agudo sponsored:

  • SY 2009 – 2010: 1 scholar
  • SY 2010 – 2011: 3 scholars
  • SY 2011 – 2012: 9 scholars
  • SY 2012 – 2013: 10 scholars with 3 graduates, 3/13
  • SY 2013 – 2014: 10 scholars

 Flor Marie Sta. Romana-Cruz, 2010 PAX Awardee, had a novel wish for gifts to her from classmates and friends on the occasion of her PAX Award by SSC: a donation to the scholarship fund in memory of her sister, Chona.  SSRDF received all the donations, increasing the Corazon Sta. Romana Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Another recent recipient of a scholarship fund in her honor was Sister Fe Andrea Collantes, OSB, who celebrated her golden jubilee of monastic profession last May 9, 2010.  This was the gift of her former students in SSC, led by Neni SR Cruz.  Sister Fe Andrea was visibly and happily moved by the thoughtfulness and love behind it all.


Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, the former SSRDF scholar, is sponsoring 10 scholars starting SY 2011-12.  Currently she has 3 SSRDF scholars, up from 1 scholar when she started her sponsorship a couple of years ago.  Not long ago she visited some Sisters on the occasion of the donation of an AUV to the Institute of Women’s Studies and the signing of a formal deed of donation of assistance to the hospital that the Benedictine Sisters are putting up for the poor of Eastern Samar.

Two Paguia sisters visited Sister Soledad and gave their family’s donation for a scholarship fund in memory of their mother, Teodora Guizon Paguia.

Former Ambassador Bienvenido Tan Jr. has established 3 new scholarship funds with a capital of one million pesos each, in the name of his deceased mother, Salome Limgenco-Tan, his wife, Emma Rustia-Tan, and his sister, Consuelo Tan.  At the start of every school year he would turn over the interest income of the funds to the SSRDF for the benefit of 3 scholars.  His Salome Limgenco-Tan Foundation will administer the capital of the funds.

Early in March 2011 Sister M. Bernardita Bernas, OSB went home to God. “Sister Bernie” graduated from college at SSC, and taught for a number of years at SSC and some of the other Benedictine schools besides holding an administrative position perhaps most of the time.  Family, former classmates and friends sent in contributions for a memorial scholarship in her memory – the Sister Bernardita Bernas Memorial Scholarship.  That has been set up by the SSRDF.

Eight SSRDF scholars received their bachelor degrees in March, 2011.  Two of them graduated cum laude – Jeminah Landicho with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and in guidance and counselling; and Danica Enrico with a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Dr. Carmen Intengan Called Home to God.  On January 23, 2011 Dr. Carmen Intengan went home peacefully to God in her home.  Dr. Intengan was a sponsor of scholars supported by the SSRDF.  She funded her scholarship fund with  P1,000,000 some years ago.  Students under the program, particularly those studying Nutrition, benefited from her generosity.

Dr.  Intengan was instrumental in starting the nutrition course at SSC years ago.  At the time she was the head of the Institute of Nutrition of the University of the Philippines.  Dr. Intengan herself was a Scholastican alumna, a high school graduate of 1931.

Fifteen (15) SSRDF scholars made it to the honor roll after the first semester of SY 2010-11.  Congratulations!

SSRDF received notice of two new scholarships starting SY 2010-12:  the CONSUELO L. TAN SCHOLARSHIP IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, and the EMMA R. TAN SCHOLARSHIP IN BEE SPED.  Each scholarship has a fund of one million pesos (P1,000,000.00) to be administered by the Salome Tan Scholarship Foundation.  The donor is former Ambassador Bienvenido L. Tan, Jr.

Student Council President is SSRDF Scholar.  Elected president of the College Student Council for 2010-11 is Jeminah Landicho, an SSRDF scholar.  Jeminah was one of two Scholasticans chosen for the Ayala Young Leaders Summer Camp of 2010.  As the head of the College Student Council, Jeminah sits as a member of the College Board of Trustees.

Scholars score at national tilts.

The 2010 list of college graduates with honors:  Rose Ann de la Cruz, BSIT cum laude;Ada  Eufemiano, BSHRM, cum laude;  Neriza Joyce Recinto, BS Psychology and AB Guidance  and Counseling, cum laude; and Adelina Gay Uy, BSIT, cum laude.

Mary Ann Aure who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology was chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines in 2009.  Mary Ann was the recipient of the scholarship
sponsored by Dr. Carmen Intengan, former head of the Nutrition Department of SSC as well as of
the National Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Charisse Mendoza was one of the four members of the team that produced the Best Video Production contest sponsored by De La Salle University.

Getting second place in the First National Youth Songwriting Contest was Jacelle Soleil Manara.  Soleil wrote the lyrics for the tune composed by a fellow Scholastican.  Soleil was likewise a finalist in the competition for the 2009 Bayer Young Environmentalists Envoys.  Soleil also was named as one of the 100 Outstanding Young Leaders for Knowledge and Development (YLKD) which was sponsored by the Ateneo School of Government and World-Bank Knowledge for Development Seminar.

New Donations

Donations from jubilee groups.  Several classes marking their jubilees of graduation increased their scholarship funds with new donations.  There were the golden jubilarians of HS ’60 as well as those who recalled their graduation from college in the same year.  The “Silver Belles ‘70” marked their pearl anniversary with an addition to their scholarship fund. HS ’47 did likewise.

Alumnae gathered together for a reunion in California put up a new fund, the SSAA California 2009 Reunion Scholarship Fund.  Heading the group was alumna Eva Pascual Cullen.


What to Give
Scholarships.  Financial aid is given according to the need of the student.  It may be full or partial.

Professorial Chairs.  Donations may be made to cover a professorial chair carrying the name of the benefactor or another person(s) the donor wishes to honor.  The academic field may be chosen by the donor.

Administrative Chairs.  These are emoluments given to deserving lay administrators.

Research.  Donations may be made for research grants.  The field may be chosen by the donor.
For check donations, please address it to

      St. Scholastica Research & Development Foundation, Inc.
      2560 Leon Guinto Street  P.O. Box 2734
      Malate, Manila

      For donations from abroad, please send by telegraphic
      transfer to BDO S Account # 4580000547
      Swift Code: BNOR PH MM
      Banco de Oro or DONATE ONLINE

Planned Giving

  • Most give donations in cash or cash equivalents.  If you prefer to give by check, please address check to: ST. SCHOLASTICA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION and send to 2560 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines.
  • Planned giving.  A donation given monthly or periodically.
  • Named Scholarship.  A fund may be set up for a named scholarship.  Additional gifts may be sent to increase the fund.  Proceeds are designated for one or more students, depending on the amount(s) given.
  • The scholarship may be set up in honor or in memory of a family member or friend or organization.
  • Professorial Chair.  Donations may be given for professorial chairs in areas of the donor’s choice.
  • Administrative Chair.  Similarly, gifts may be given for administrative chairs occupied by lay administrators.
  • Research.  Donations may be given for research in the field(s) of the donor’s choice.

 Tax Question

Since its foundation, the SSRDF has been registered with the Department of Science & Technology  of the Philippines.  Donations to the Foundation are exempt from taxes.

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