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The governing body of St. Scholastica’s College is the Board of Trustees composed of fifteen (15) members: the President of the College, eight (8) members of the Congregation of Missionary Benedictine sisters, three (3) other members nominated by the Board of Trustees. Unique to the membership of said Board Is the provision of one (1) seat each for the faculty, alumnae and student sectors completing the total number of 15 seats. Among the functions of the Board are: to confirm the nomination of the President and the Treasurer made by the Superior of the Religious Community of St. Scholastica’s College; to approve the annual budget as well as the major organizational changes within the school; to determine policies on investments and the management of the school’s funds and properties; to oversee the educational policy of the different units.

At the helm of the school is the President who is the Chief Executive Officer. Directly under her and constituting the General Administration group are the Vice-President for Administration, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Vice-President for Finance, Planning and Development Director, Institutional Social Action Director, the Institutional Campus Minister, the Institute of Women’s Studies Executive Director, and the Alumnae Moderator. These set of administrators provide the necessary academic and support services for enhancing the educational process.

The highest administrative official of the College Unit is the Dean of College. The college Dean is tasked with the overall management of the Unit. Her main function is to exercise educational leadership guided by the school’s mission-vision, philosophy and goals in the formation and implementation of academic and school-related policies and development plans.  Reporting directly to the Dean of College are the Academic Deans of the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Music, Accountancy, and I-HOTELEIRES, Dean of Students Affairs, and the heads of the various support groups under the College Unit.

The High School and Grade School Units are administered by the Principals and their respective Administrative and Academic Councils.