School of Hotel, Leisure and Restaurant Management


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Specialized in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

Program Highlights

The Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations Program is a Bachelor of Science degree Program that provides foundation and specialization study in the Culinary Arts and Food Service field through academic, laboratory and field internship experiences.  The Program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for the students to ensure efficiency and quality product preparation and service in the food service setting.  The program is designed in two depth areas in the culinary field: operations and management, which is to prepare students for employment in a variety of food production and restaurant positions in the growing  food service field.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Knowledge of Competitive Products and Competitive Product Analysis 
  • Knowledge of Current and Projected Food Trends (temperature conversion, metric conversion, weight calculation, etc) 
  • Knowledge of Commercial Equipment 
  • Knowledge of Commercial Kitchen Responsibilities and Pressures 
  • Knowledge of Culinary Fundamentals and Production Systems 
  • Knowledge of Culinary Uses and Application of Products 
  • Knowledge of End-user Skills (including cooks in national chains) 
  • Knowledge of Kitchen Tools and Equipment (including how to use and apply) 
  • Knowledge of Principles of Cooking (including heat transfer, cooking methods, breading/batters, etc.) 
  • Knowledge of Regional and World Cuisines (including preparation, spicing & presentation, and cultural topics) 
  • Knowledge of Traditional Stocks and Sauces

Featured Facilities

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Executive Chef 
  • Chef de Partie 
  • Poissonier 
  • Extremetier 
  • Restaurateur 
  • F & B Manager  
  • Garde Manger 
  • Grillardin 
  • Pastry Chef 
  • Caterer 
  • Consultant 
  • Wine Sommelier 
  • R&D Chef
  • Culinary Instructor

Linkages / Partner Industries

  • The Manila Hotel 
  • Okada Hotel
  • Grand Hyatt Manila
  • Hilton Manila
  • Ascott Manila
  • Vivire Hotel
  • RainTree Group
  • Wolfgang Steakhouse
  • Hospitality Institute America-Philippines
  • International Training Network 
  • EdiPhi (World Wide Internship Philippines)
  • Amadeus Philippines
  • Philippine-Italian Association 
  • Limtuaco Distillery