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Tuluyan ni San Benito

An Outreach Program for Street Families in Manila
WELCOME to the 
TULUYAN ni San Benito 

A Drop-in Shelter for homeless families.


TULUYAN San Benito is a temporary haven in the daytime, a place where the homeless or “kariton” people could rest awhile, wash themselves and their clothes, use the bathroom and even cook meals.

Why Tuluyan?

TNSB 39In March 2008, of the 88.6 million people in the Philippines, 50% rated themselves poor.

The June 2008 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey statistics show 14.5 million people experienced involuntary hunger between April and June 2008.  Severe hunger went up from 3.2% to 4.2 percent.

These denizens of the street give a face to the cold statistics; they are the voices that are not heard, not included in any census because they are very mobile.


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A community where every family / individual earns enough to  meet basic needs, aware  of  their dignity as persons and participates in the building of God’s kingdom where justice, peace and  integrity of creation prevail.


To offer opportunities for formation, leadership and skills training for the economic upliftment of street families that will help them regain self respect and rehabilitation.

Contact Us

Sr. Cecille Ido, OSB
Project Coordinator

1019 Corners Maligaya St.
and Singalong Street,
Malate, Manila

Phone: (632) 523-7113

TNSB 21Who are the Street people?

They are families who live 24 hours a day in the streets   in   and around their “ kariton” or wooden push carts or pedicabs that serve as “home” at night and as “working place” for gathering and transporting garbage during daytime.

Most “kariton” parents have hardly had any schooling which make it difficult for them to find work.


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• To provide a temporary shelter where weary street dwellers could drop-in to rest awhile and get a chance to catch their breath and their bearings;

• To provide formation, leadership and skills training that will help them to regain their self respect;

• To support the self-help livelihood initiatives among the street families toward their economic upliftment; and / or process their return to the province, when they so decide;

• To develop a referral system with other social agencies for services that go beyond the limited means of Tuluyan; and

•To initiate a simple mobile library for “street children”.

TULUYAN’s  Development  Programs

     1. A temporary Drop-in Shelter for street families.

     2. Education Program

     3. Livelihood  & Social  Services

     4. Advocacy & Networking

     5. A Program for Street Children


TULUYAN San Benito – A Temporary Shelter for the Homeless

On December 8, 2008, TULUYAN San Benito , a drop-in shelter for street dwellers located at 1007 Paris St., & Leon Guinto Streets, was blessed.

Education / Formation Program

Alternative Health skills training in lecture series and guided practicum.

Livelihood Initiatives & Social Services

Some of the activities are: Doormat Making, Cooking Empanada, Beads Making, Soap Making, Rent-to-own Pedicab, Fish Vending, Food Vending, Box Production

Advocacy & Networking Program

Lugawan sa Tuluyan, Scholasticans serenaded & shared a meal with street children. Each family at Tuluyan getsa chance for a medical checkup at least once during their stay at the shelter.

Program for Street Children    

Tuluyan Volunteers frequently visit areas where there is a concentration of street children. The children are gathered for story-telling, reading, play, drawing and other art activities.

On occasion, they are invited to participate in some Tuluyan center-based activities.Feeding is one of the features of this program.

Mobile Literacy Program for street children: Art, Tutorial, Music.

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Summer Camp: Bugsong Saya sa Tag-araw

Tuluyan  is not the answer to the root cause of homelessness & poverty. For now,  in a small  way, it gives rest to weary individuals and families  who are out there shivering from the cold and baking in the heat. Hopefully, Tuluyan’s programs can help them cross the poverty line and make it to the other side.