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Benedictine Volunteers Program

In keeping with the school’s thrust of social concern and involvement, St. Scholastica’s College opened a volunteer’s program in 1996. It is a support program under the Office of the President that provides volunteer assistance to various institutions and community-based organizations.

The program provides the matching and bridging of technical expertise with need through volunteerism. Individuals and groups share their talents, skills, and other resources with the different institutions and communities in need of this particular expertise. In the process, there is transference, improvement, sustained development, and transformation in both the volunteers who rendered service and the institutions and communities that availed of these services.


This provides an option for new graduates/young professionals as well as alumnae to render a year’s service to any institution or community-based organization connected with the Benedictine Volunteers Program (BVP) to serve for a period of one year. Volunteers can serve either as teachers, counselors, program staff or community workers/organizers in the socio-pastoral centers. Volunteers who opt for a one-year volunteer stint receive a minimum monthly allowance and free board and lodging.


BVP is linked with various communities and other non-government organizations in Metro Manila that accept volunteers on short-term basis. Students and professionals can render regular volunteer work for a pre-arranged period of time depending on their availability. The office of BVP makes special arrangements for those who want to volunteer on an individual or group basis who can assist in giving workshops and trainings, tutorials, catechism, counseling and other forms of short-term volunteer work in any of the partner communities of BVP.


By special arrangements, volunteers are sent to foreign countries where they can assist the Benedictine Sisters in their various apostolates.