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ProQuest 5000 is one of the most comprehensive multidisciplinary databases available online. ProQuest 5000 is an extensive general reference resource providing access to over 10,200 publications, with more than 6,020 of those in full text.

Music publication available in Proquest:

The American Music Teacher

Asian Music

The Australian Journal of Music Therapy

Black Music Research Journal

British Journal of Music Education

Canadian Journal of Music Therapy

Computer Music Journal

Contemporary Music Review

Folk Music Journal

General Music Today

Journal of Music Teacher Education

Journal of Music Therapy

Journal of Research in Music

Leonardo Music Journal

Music Education Research

Music Education Technology

Music Educators Journal

Music Perception

Music Theory Spectrum

Music Therapy Perspectives

Music Week

Perspectives of New Music

Philosophy of Music Education Review

Teaching Music

Update: application of Research in Music Education

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Print Section

The Print Section is the area where the general collection can be found.  It houses music books, scores and journals.

Circulation Counter
Music Lib 6

Special Collection
Music Lib 15

The Circulation Counter is being controlled by library staff for charging and discharging of materials. The Circulation Counter is an enclosed area where reserved materials are kept.

The Agoncillo, Gonzales, Contrera, Manalo, Gaston, Singian, Yatco and Oehms Collections contain books and scores donated to the Music Library of St. Scholastica’s College-Manila. These scores are strictly for library use only.

Reference Section
Music Lib 24

Periodical Section
Music Lib 31

The Reference Section has the following collections: dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, handbooks and guides.

The magazines and journals are available in bound, loose issues and via the internet (e-journals). Current issues are displayed on the magazine racks located at the Reading Area.

Magazine Rack
Music Lib 10

Photocopy Service
Music Lib 30

Available in this rack are the current issues of Music Educators Journal, Teaching Music, American String Teacher, etc. and other non-related music magazine.

Available on the following schedule: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Charge: Php 1.00 (short/long bond paper)

OPAC/Card Catalog
Music Lib 78

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) can be found upon entering the Music Library. It contains the general collection of the Music Library. Card catalog is available and located at the entrance of the Music Library.

The card catalog is divided into author and title entries. Entries in each catalog are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the first word. The books and scores are located in the shelves arranged by call numbers found on the upper left-hand corner of the cards/screen in the OPAC. The non-book materials are located in their respective shelves by accession number found in their containers.

Media Section

The Media Section is for music faculty and students doing their studies and research.

Special Collections
Music Lib 4

Listening Cubicles
Music Lib 73

The Agoncillo, Larraga, Gonzales, Valdepenas, Valencia, Corazon Lopez and Benito Lopez Collections contain recordings donated to the Music Library. These recordings are strictly for library use only.

Music students and music faculty members are given priority in the use of this facility.


AV Materials
Music Lib 82

Music Lib 79

The library holds a vast collection of CDs, DVDs, VHS, CD-ROMs, Cassette tapes and Long Playing Records. These materials are for room use only

In addition to the library’s On Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) are the (6) computer workstations. Print outs of the research done can be made for a fee. The use of this library service is “STRICTLY FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY”.

Discussion Room
Music Lib 66

The discussion room is for group listening activity and piano keyboard use.


Print Section 
(Right Wing)
Music Lib 26

Media Section
(Left Wing)
Music Lib 68


Circulation Section


Choral Collection

Mass Songs

Filipino Compo.



Technical Section

Discussion Room



Listening Facilities

Recording Studio

Resource Center




Special Collection
Music Lib 20

Wolfgang Oehms

Oscar Yatco

Nieves Singian

Conchita Gaston

Jose Ma. Contreras

Basilio Manalo

Aida Gonzales


Eugenia & Marcela

Marcela Agoncillo

Aida Gonzales

Corazon Lopez

Benito Lopez

Contreras Collection

Gaston Collection

Singian Collection

Vicky Valdepenas

Luis Valencia

Richard Laraga

For Students

Music Lib 51. Borrowing of books/scores: The students are entitled to borrow ten (10) library materials, from the General Collection for a period of one week.

Reserve books/scores:  It may be checked out for overnight use only.  However, reserved books do not circulate until 4:00 p.m. and are due the next school day at/before 9:00 a.m. A fine of Php10.00 is imposed for the first hour of overdue and Php5.00 for every succeeding hour or an equivalent of Php 50.00/day. The same penalty applies for materials requested under the “Today’s Use” category.

2. Overdue books/scores: Books not returned on time incur a fine of Php5.00 per day/item. Saturdays and Sundays are included when counting the number of days a book is overdue.

3. Mutilation: Library users who want to check out books from the library are requested to examine the books before borrowing.  Borrowers are held responsible for whatever damages or mutilation is found on the books upon their return.

4. Lost books/replacements: A lost book must be replaced with the same or similar title. The replacement should not be older than the lost book.  Fines continue to accumulate until the book is replaced.

Courtesy and User Behavior

1. Maintain a quiet atmosphere for study and research.

2. Treat library materials with care.

3. Cellular phones must be put in silent or vibrate mode. Charging of laptop, cellular phones and other electronic devices are not allowed.

4. Sleeping, food and beverage are strictly not allowed in the library.

For Visiting Researchers


The following are considered as Visiting Researchers: 

1. SSC alumni

2. Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in other colleges and universities

3. Non-SSC teaching and non-teaching faculty

4. Professional researchers

5. Others, subject for approval

Visiting Schedule


Every Monday –  8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  

Php 100.00 per person/per visit  and 
Php 50.00 for SSC alumni.

Approval for library use can be made through the School of Music Dean’s Office. A Visiting Researcher’s Pass will be issued by the Secretary.

The following are exempted from payment:

Students with referrals from participating schools of the South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium (SMI-IC) and the Consortium of Women’s Colleges (CWC).



1. Present the following to the library staff:

• Visiting Researcher’s Pass obtained from the Music Dean’s Office

• Referral letter

• I. D. (school/institution/company)

• For SSC Alumni, alumni card or certification from the Alumni Office

2. Register and pay the research fee.

1. All materials are for room use only.

2. A maximum of 5 materials are allowed for photocopy.

3. The Library fee does not include access and use of Internet and the Listening Room facilities.

4. The Dean of School of Music reserves the right to cancel requests when deemed necessary.  

Music Library Office Head & Staff

Ms. Shandee Balenbin
Music Librarian

Ms. Alicia Cruzos
Ms. Liza Nebran

Music Library Support Staff

Music Library

Music Lib 28The Music Library is located on the 2nd floor of the St. Cecilia’s Building as a resource center for Music Education, Piano Pedagogy, String Pedagogy, Music Theory, Music History, and Literature.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday

From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

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