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Junior High School Student Organizations

High School Student Organizations are set up along social, cultural, spiritual, literary, athletic, educational and recreational lines. At present, there are twenty six (26) clubs under the Student Activity Program. These are:

Spiritual Formation Clubs

Benedictine Circle

The Benedictine Circle aims to be part of and help the High School Unit in a Christ-centered community where everyone is aware of God’s presence within her and in the community. It also aims to provide opportunities for the students to develop their gifts, talents and skills, as well as a sense of responsibility, stewardship and commitment through the different service committees where the members are grouped according to their interests, gifts, and skills.

KAPATID Music Ministry
Kapatid Logo


KAPATID is the Church choir of the High School Unit. It is a diverse group of students, vocalist and instrumentalists, who come together to sing to and for the Lord and give Him praise and thanks. During school Masses, whether departmental or institutional and some special occasions, KAPATID leads in the community singing.

KAPATID does not only participate in liturgical celebrations but also nourishes the members’ musical abilities that would improve them as an organization through team building and get togethera that would strengthen their bond with each other and most importantly, with God.



Magnificat is a co-curricular club of the Christian Living Education Area. It hopes to bring God into the heart of every Scholastican and help her bear witness to the Gospel values. The main objective is to help the High School community realize its thrust in educating young women to become agents for social transformation by imitating the lives and witnessing of Jesus and Mary, His Mother.

Magnificat aims to strengthen the intimate communion of the Scholasticans with God through Jesus Christ with the help of Mary. It is a club where each member experiences the nurturing womb of a loving mother, a family where holistic growth is fostered, a living church where the members share in the threefold mission of Jesus Christ: Priestly, Prophetic and Kingly embodied in the Benedictine Motto of Ora et Labora.

Socio-Civic Clubs

Girl Scouts of the Philippines



Girl Scouting is a worldwide movement that provides girls and young women a non-formal, progressive educational program based on spiritual values and the idea of service. Its mission is to help Scholasticans realize their ideals of womanhood and prepare themselves for their responsibilities in the home, the nation and the world community. The club envisions young women who are progressive, dynamic, proactive and God-loving. Some activities of the SSC-GSP are coordinated with the regional and national activities of the GSP.

Gabriela Youth



Gabriela Youth Club advocates what the Filipina heroine Gabriela Silang has started which contributed to women empowerment by way of doing great service to her country. Gabriela now reclaims the voice of women to fight against all forms of injustice, in particular women and children abuse, outright manipulation and oppressive structures that degrade human dignity.

The Gabriela Youth Club shall be the starting point to serve others by promoting the above mentioned advocacy by heart, in whatever little way possible for high school students. It also aims to develop in its members the passion to read, watch, hear, consider and act upon issues and events all GABS must know and talk about in the clubs venue.

Project E.A.R.T.H.
(Environmental Awareness and
Readiness to Help)

PE logo

Project E.A.R.T.H., a co-curricular program of the Science Area, is the high school unit’s arm in enforcing its commitment to the call for pro-environmental awareness and action. It is dedicated to the task of enabling its members, the EARTHWATCHERS, to become Scholasticans who are critically aware of the present realities of environmental crises and are equipped with the appropriate and ecologically-safe technological know-how.

The Project E.A.R.T.H. commits itself to the realization of the following objectives: 1) respect of all God’s creation; 2) promote ecological well-being by disseminating information geared towards the restoration and protection of Mother Earth; 3) initiate environmental activities like conferences, contests and campaigns; 4) conduct ecological trips in forests, marine and other areas of concern; 5) sponsor outreach activities to communities needing help regarding their natural environment; 6) spearhead the high school unit’s cleanliness campaign; and 7) develop environmental awareness and advocacy among its members.

Red Cross Youth Council


Red Youth Council is a youth program of the Philippine National Red Cross which aims to educate and involve children in the spirit of Red Cross; provide opportunities for directing and harnessing their energy and idealism into worthwhile activities within the framework of the organization. The objectives of the organization are: 1) to teach and involve students to selflessly serve others; 2) respond to the less fortunate and disseminate the Seven Fundamental Principles of RCYC; 3) to uphold the Benedictine values in all activities sponsored by the club, and 4) to promote community health through talks and symposium.

Young Mentors’ Club



As part of the Socio-Civic Cluster of SSC High School co-curricular program, YMC is committed to the development of human potentials and leadership by establishing and nurturing life-giving relationships in the context of mentoring. With this general thought it mind, the YMC aims to be of service to the school and its partner communities by helping the students discover, develop and maximize their potentials and translate, transfer and transform them into concrete actions as they share their time, talents and resources to others. In doing so, growth becomes two-fold — for self and for others. In the school set-up, mentoring is done on three levels. First, between the Teacher Mentor/s and the Student Mentees; second, between the Students Mentors and Students Mentees (peer mentoring) and last, Student Mentees and Younger Student Mentees within or outside the SSC. The goal of this structure is that after undergoing and experiencing training and coaching from the Teacher Mentors, the Student Mentees will become Student Mentors who will mentor their younger club mates, who in the future will also mentor other students. YMC has a Training Program which consists of Training Blocks (Self Awareness, Leadership, Goal-Setting, Inter-personal Skills, and the like) and Extension/Outreach Activities within and outside the school and community.

Trips Clubs

The Philippine Tourism Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country today. In 2012, the Philippines recorded 4.27 million tourist arrivals, up from 3.9 million in 2011 and 3.5 million in 2012. It is recognized by the government as an important contributor to the generation of foreign exchange earnings, investment, revenue, employment and to the growth of the country’s output. The inclusion of tourism as a major pillar in the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan has given priority to the tourism sector by promoting the Philippines as a premier tourism destination and investment site. Apart from the above mentioned facts, traveling is a fun way to learn about one’s culture and country. You see new things and meet new people. Trips Clubs aims to direct students towards travel and exploration and inoculate in  them awareness and interest about the natural and cultural heritage of the Philippines, create awareness among students of the possible maximum benefits in the tourism industry and providing them, with the necessary knowledge to minimize its adverse effects, create awareness for students to plan for tourism industry related jobs in the future and organize at least one major and minor tour for the student per year. 

Young Entrepreneurs’ Society

Is an organization that caters to the interest of students who are into business and would like to expand their skills through inventing new products. The clubs does not only seek profit but, they contribute to the society by venturing on the needs of the environment and community. It aims to develop communication and mathematical skills through business planning and projecting ones sales, use their creativity in innovating products that caters to the needs of the consumers, the environment, and the community and manifest the value of honesty, responsibility, and awareness in the business venture that they have chosen.

Academic Clubs

Upsilon Mu Gamma
(Math Club)

The Upsilon Mu Gamma is an organization committed to render sincere service to the Scholastican community by sponsoring: 1) Math competitions to enhance the students’ capabilities; 2) conducting reviews to prepare fellow Scholasticans for quarter examination, 3) coordinating with the Outreach Program in their Supplementary Education in Math to elementary school children, and 4) to organize the “Reach Out” activity with other schools and to bring joy to less fortunate kids of adopted communities.

Science Club



The Science Club is an organization that aims to encourage interest in Science and its applications and promote environmental awareness among its members and the student body. It also provides a venue for intellectual integration among school members thereby promoting the community spirit of the school, and with other clubs/ organizations with similar goals and objectives. It encourages integral development of each member as embodied in the school’s mission.

The club aims to sponsor activities that would enhance scientific and environmental awareness and highlight the talents of the Scholasticans through quiz bees, games contests, remedial, symposia and the like. It also aims to establish linkages with science clubs of other high schools, academic and non-academic institutions tasked with similar goals and objectives.

Circle of Science Investigators
(Young Scientists’ Club)


The CSI is a research oriented organization that primarily aims to promote scientific awareness and skills among the students in the field of investigative research. It serves as a suitable venue in further developing the knowledge and abilities of Science learners in enriching research technique. Keeping with the ideals of science learning, the club aims to uphold meaningful and useful consciousness of research and technological applications that affect in many ways every part of society.

Kamalayang Pilipino

KAMPIL is an organization that seeks to promote and instill social awareness and to develop an appreciation of Filipino culture among the students. It provides a venue for the discussion of relevant issues, both national and global, allowing students to exercise their right to freedom of expression.

The club has various activities which are socially relevant. Through these, the club wishes to impart social consciousness to its members, helping them to become involved, hoping that sometime in the future, they can make a difference in society.

Information Technology Society
ITS logo

The ITS aims to develop members who are knowledgeable and competent with information technology as a tool for learning, in pursuit of what is true, good and beautiful. In order to realize this vision, the clubs commits itself to vigorously support and sustain the conviction, involvement and commitment of the student body to the highest standards of academic excellence through inquiry, training, group interaction, special projects, and values formation of its members on the use of information technologies. It further commits to develop its members to be of service to their communities, both inside and outside of SSC.

Communication/Literary Arts Clubs

Blue Flame
(Campus Journalism)
tbf logo 2

The Blue Flame is the official student publication of the High School Unit. It aims to provide the High School community relevant and balanced news reports and accurate information about the current events and features concerning the school and the nation. It aims to provide a venue for the development of the writing, reporting and journalistic skills of its members. The club has taken upon itself the responsibility to expose the students to write objectively, as news writing requires it, and at the same time, are given the venue to express themselves through free writing.

Debate Club


Debate Club is a co-curricular support program of the English subject area. It provides the needed avenue where the students can hone their public speaking and analytical skills. Debate requires the integration of all the cognate skills taught under the English area, like the full grasp of the English language, grammar, logic, extemporaneous speaking, reasoning, speech writing and argumentation, among others. Thus, the members undergo training in the different aspects of public speaking and debate. The club also aims to create an atmosphere conducive for free exchange of ideas on pressing issues affecting the youth of today.

Page Turners’ Library Club
ptlc copy2

The PTLC is an organization of efficient and devoted high school students. The club is involved in the performance of various activities that serve as the training ground of its members in order to develop their hidden skills; to improve their reading habits and be a good leader/follower of the club. It also exposes its members to the outside world in order to develop their critical thinking in the preparation of their usage of the different types of libraries that they may encounter in the future, thus making them more adept, knowledgeable and at home in the use of various types of learning materials, both print and non-print.


Talino at galling sa pagsulat ng anumang akdang Filipino huhusay at uunlad sa Samahang Pluma walang alinlangang ikaw ay sisikat. Layunin nito na magkaroon ng tiwala sa sarili sa pagbui ng akda o komposisyon (maikling kuwento, tula, sanaysay atbp.) at mabasa, masuri ng mga mambabasa at maitampok ito bilang isang sining.


Sa pagsasalita ng Wikang Filipino tula, dula at anumang nadaramang nais iparating, huwag mahihiyang ito’y salitain o sabihin sa Samahang Tinig maging miyembro upang tinig ay tumaginting. Layuin nito na magkakaroon ng kasanayang mabigyang buhay ang anumang akdang nasa anyong tuluyan o patula na may damdamin o nais iparating ng may-akda o ng manunulat.

Performing Arts Clubs

Curtain Call

curtain call

Curtain Call serves as a medium for its members to hone their skills in the art of drama, theater and production management. It seeks to widen its understanding and appreciation for theater arts and its related discipline as the group produces honest, relevant and meaningful theater productions. This organization will also give an opportunity for its members to promote social awareness and inculcate Christian values. For God. For Country. For Art.

For years, Curtain Call has passionately pursued its original mission to develop, nurture, support, produce and present classic masterpieces and original performance work by artists of all nations and cultures. We believe that in order to flourish, art needs the company of colleagues, the spirit of collaboration and comfort of continuation.

Dance Troupe


The High School Dance Club is an organization committed to developing and honing its members’ 1) abilities to execute artistic, creative and rhythmic expression through various dances; 2) dancing skills through new approaches and styles, 3) physical and emotional fitness while expressing the self through dance, 4) appreciation of our Filipino cultural heritage expressed in social and folk dances, and 5) collaborative and team spirit during rehearsals and performances.

The club conducts regular training sessions and will showcase the talents and skills of its members in a concert which is to be its culminating activity.

Glee Club

The High School Glee Club is a performing arts club which aims to hone the musical skills especially in singing of its members, develop their self-confidence through participation in institutional activities and competitions, and be able to perform well and render services to the other sectors of the Benedictine Community. The club also gives the students the chance to be exposed to a wide range of choral musical repertoire and literature.

Music Ensemble

The Music Ensemble is a performing arts club which aims to develop its members to become well- rounded and competent musicians by providing them with wide array of opportunities to perform and showcase their talents in various school activities. It also develops the musical talents and skills of its members in playing different musical instruments, enrich the musical experience of its members by providing them with various musical exposures such as performances, workshops, and concerts and develop camaraderie among its members as they engage themselves in various group activities and performances.

Athletics Clubs

Sports Club

The Sports Club as an extension of the High School P. E. program is an organized group composed of the different competing teams and individual athletes in different sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Badminton, Taekwondo and Table Tennis. The club has regular teams that may participate or join any DepEd Manila Meet, NCR DepEd, Interschool, national or international competition as representative of SSC.

Pep Squad

The High School Pep Squad has been set up primarily to promote school spirit and drum up support of the student body for the HS athletes. The Squad aims to highlight the talents and skills of the students in the field of cheer dancing and cheer leading. The Pep Squad brings out the best in every member to promote school spirit, pride in cheering and dancing, develops leadership skills and teamwork and promotes camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Visual and Practical Arts Clubs

Culinary Enthusiasts’ Organization

Students have a natural curiosity about cooking. Many kids, just like grown-ups, even enjoy watching cooking shows on television. While some children may not seem to care about cooking at all, in this case, students need a nudge of encouragement as a helping hand to walk them through the basics. Thus, the CEO is the non-academic club offered to all year levels and it is geared towards giving the students exposure in cooking through cooking demonstrations, trip to food establishments and cooking/baking seminars. CEO will further enrich their knowledge and skills, show and share their talents in cooking through catering food in school functions, participating in the weekly hands-on cooking sessions and other club activities.

Art and Crafts Club

The Arts and Crafts Club is an avenue for budding Scholastican artists to explore and hone their potentialities as mirrors, voices, and leaders of human culture. The club aims to develop the Scholastican artists’ identity through insightful talks, workshops, art sessions and integrating activities focused on enhancing their creativity, mastery, originality and artistry.

The club is open to all whose eyes burn aflame in the beauty of the average and mundane, whose hands yearn to toil for perfection, and whose hearts are passionately set to inspire the masses for change and for deeper appreciation of every creation.

Media Arts Club

The Media Arts Club is visual arts clubs open to film enthusiasts and camera loving students. The club aims to equip members with basic and working knowledge on camera operations, techniques and functions. It also aims to develop the “critical eye” of the members in analyzing and critiquing photos, films and other audio and visual materials. Activities in the club include film viewing and critiquing sessions, photography and video production workshops, studio tour and discussion with film and media experts.

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