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College Student Organizations


Art Society

is an organization of Fine Arts Students. Its objectives are to encourage students to enrich their aesthetic experience and understand the sociology of humanity as manifested by works of Art. It seeks to promote art appreciation not only to the Scholastican community but to the larger community as well.

Business and Information Technology Society

 is an organization of students taking up Information System and Technology  Management, E-Business, Corporate Communication and Interdisciplinary Business Studies which aims to provide synergy between two diverse fields-business and information technology. It strives to ensure that Scholasticans are well-oriented with the current knowledge and trends in information technology and the corporate environment.

Communications Society

is an organization for Mass Communication students. It aims to develop in them a sense of awareness, leadership and responsibility in the field of Mass Communication. Knowledge and skills in any field of communication are put into practice not only during productions and events but also through service-oriented activities.

Congregatio pro Vita Scientia

 is an organization for Biology majors and interested students that fosters growth in research and scientific knowledge. CVS hopes to inspire its members to become future researchers, doctors, scientists and educators.

Economics Organization

is an organization that facilitates access to economic ideas, creates awareness of economic issues and synthesizes economic theories and principles in preparation for the practice of the actual profession.

Education Society

is an organization composed of students majoring in Education as well as students who have special interest in the said subject. It aims to enhance knowledge and skills that will enable the students to better understand and appreciate Education.

Junior Association of Management
JAM LOGO Amended dated 07 July 2014

is an organization of Business Management (BM) majors which aims to integrate knowledge in management theories and principle and their practical applications. Its objective is to develop   potentialities of BM students as future leaders in the business world.

Junior Financial Executives

is an organization of students majoring in Financial Management striving towards academic excellence and professionalism in the field of Finance. It aims to mold students into becoming well-rounded individuals and fully skilled financial managers in the futures.

Junior Marketing Association

is an organization for Marketing majors, which pursues and promotes the general acceptance and appreciation of marketing as a science and   as a tool in business. It aims to develop sound thinking   and scientific and practical knowledge in marketing theories and policies.

Junior Philippine Association of Nutritionists
JPAN Logo 001

is an organization composed of nutrition majors that aims for the practical implementation of nutritional theories in school   and in the larger community.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants

is an organization of Accountancy majors that adopts measures to foster advancement in the field of Accounting and exposes students to the actual practice of Accounting knowledge and studies.

Junior Restaurant and Hoteliers’ Association

is an organization of students majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM). It aims to develop the students’ skills through intensive training and seeks to develop professionalism and excellence among Scholasticans in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Junior Society of Entrepreneurship and Franchising

is an organization of students majoring in Entrepreneur. It aims to synthesize entrepreneurship in enterprise    management theories and principles for proper and   meaningful application in future practice of the profession.

Philippine Graphics and Animation

is an organization of BSIT students that trains its members to become ethical professionals by being the platform for IT related programs and activities. It seeks to network with organizations advancing similar goals.

Political Science Society

is an organization committed towards the twin thrusts of academic excellence and social responsibility as principles that would bring about a progressive change in the social and political environment of the country through policies and activities that are nationalist, liberal, reform-oriented and dynamic in the context of the economic, social and political malaise that beset the nation.

Psychology Society

is an organization that aims to equip Psychology students with knowledge in and exposure to major fields of concentration such as Clinical Psychology where the members are given the opportunity to visit various clinical institutions; Human Resource Development where the students are exposed to the industrial setting, and Social Psychology where the students are given the chance to visit social services institutions.

Society of Musicians

is an organization that aims to equip music students with the knowledge, skills and experiences essential to the realization of their full musical potentials and their holistic development in the emotional, social and spiritual level, thereby enriching the community.



Association of Athletes
(A of A’s)
Association of Athletes Logo

is the official organization of the college athletes of SSC that represents the school in various inter-collegiate sports events such as the WNCAA, WCSA and the like. It consists of seven different teams namely: Badminton, Basketball, Cheering (Pep Squad), Table Tennis, Swimming, Taekwondo, and Volleyball. It carries the moniker “Scions” meaning “descendant” or “heir”, carriers and perpetrators of the legacy of excellence.

Christian Community Development

is an organization involved in doing catechetical mission. It aims to live up to the ideals of a true Christian through dedicated service to our less fortunate sisters and brothers. CCD presents Christ as the center of our endeavors for transformation towards peace through its two (2) committees: the Education in Institution Services and the Committee Social Action.

Danz Edge 
Danz Edge

is an organization which encourages students to focus on physical fitness and versatility in different genres of dance. It is open to all bonafide students of SSC who have the passion for dancing and the arts through movement.

Environment Society

is an organization that aims to make students aware of the present environmental conditions and problems brought about by the socio-political and economic structures of our society and of the world at large.  At the same time, the club encourages the members to be involved and take part in the crusade to save our planet Earth.

Sining Tanghalan

is the theater arts group of the College Unit of SSC. It is an organization which taps and develops the creative potentials of the students in the various fields of theatre arts.  It instills in the students the role of Drama in the area of “conscienticization” and advocates the unearthing and recreating Filipino material for theatre.

SSC College Choir 

is the resident choir of the College Unit. It aims to provide an opportunity for the musically inclined students to harness their talents and potentials and to promote chorale music not only in SSC but in the larger community.



The Scholastican

is the official quarterly student publication of the College Unit. The literary folio, Tanglawan/Deluge, is also published annually by the TS editorial and publication staff.


is the yearbook of the graduating class. It has an Editorial Board made up of students who passed the screening procedure and qualifying examinations set by the previous Editorial Board.

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