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Grade School Facilities

The Math Center is one of the special rooms found in the library of the Grade School Unit. It is one of the learning centers that cater to various educational needs of the students. With its present location and being part of the library, students can easily access books and manipulative materials which can help them acquire a clearer grasp of mathematical concepts and procedures or even enjoy recreational Math activities such as tangrams, puzzles and others. The math center is open from 8:00 in the morning up to 4:00 in the afternoon except when Math classes or meetings are being held at the center. Use of the Math center and the materials are at the disposal of the Math classes during the scheduled time as permitted. Any class or group may use the center and the materials after arrangements have been made with the Math coordinator. 

The Grade School Reading Center is an extension of the GS Library.  It houses the books and other reading kits that serve as reading materials for the Assessment and Enrichment Program (AEP) that the unit is implementing. The AEP is now on its second year of implementation.  The books in the center are arranged by lexiles, or reading levels, so that the students can easily find books that match their individual lexiles.  It  has two sections – Section A where books with 0 – 599 lexiles can be found, and Section B, where books with lexiles 600 and up are placed.  The students can visit the center during their lunch break, at DEAR time and even after dismissal to borrow or return their books.  They can also take the Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) quiz in the Center after they finish reading a book. 

The Grade School Art Room is located at the ground floor beside Sister Gratia Hall. It is actually composed of two adjacent rooms, so two sections at a time can hold classes. It is equipped with large movable tables and sinks. Bulletin boards and gallery lights are installed for student exhibits. The room also has a computer unit and LCD projector. Any other class or group may use the Art Room and its equipment after arrangements have been made with the Art Coordinator.  

The Grade School Music room is located on the 4th floor of the Sta. Maria building, right beside the Grade School Home Arts laboratory.

It houses an extensive collection of folk/indigenous instruments from the different tribes found in Northern to Southern Philippines. Likewise, it also boasts of an assortment of musical instruments such as its full Rondalla string collection, its complete Anklung collection, and its keyboard collection for the Grade 6 students, its varied rhythmic instruments for the Kinder to Grade 2 students and an upright piano for teachers’ use.

It also has a white screen and projector, and a flat screen TV and theater system for the audio-visual activities of the music classes.

The Computer Assisted Instruction Rooms (CAI). CAI Room 1 is located at the 4th floor of Sta. Maria Building and CIA Room 2 is located at the Sr. Willibalda Schrader Hall, the extension of CAI Room 1.  These laboratories are designed to hold computer classes and computer-assisted instruction of other subject areas such as SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory), Catalysts, Eureka and others.  They are also used as a venue for computer-related trainings/seminars/workshops of faculty and staff. This new laboratory (CAI 2) has 46 computer units and 1 LCD projector.

In the Grade School, we have two Science Laboratories, the Primary Science Laboratory and the Intermediate Science Laboratory situated in the 4th floor of Sta. Maria Building.  The Primary Science Laboratory is being used by Grades 1-3 while the Intermediate Science Laboratory is for Grades 4-6.  These laboratories and equipment are at the disposal of all Science laboratory classes during their scheduled time.  The laboratories are also the venue for Investigatory Projects of the Special classes in Science like the Catalyst and Science projects of the Science Clubs.  However, any other class or group may use the laboratories and the equipment after proper arrangement has been made with the Science Laboratory Assistant.

The fully refurbished Home Arts Laboratory boasts of an industrial oven that can produce at least, 500 Lebkuchen (German cookies) in one baking session.  The smaller ovens are equipped with range hoods.  Although the sinks are basically new, the two porcelain sinks remain heirloom pieces of the Benedictines.  Six elegant granite tables provide the centerpiece of the room.  These also become working tables and chopping boards according to scheduled cooking or baking activity.

This hall is located at the ground floor of Sta. Maria Building near Gate 7 and is formerly called the Prep Extension Area.  Sts. Maur and Placid Hall serves as a multipurpose hall for the Grade School Unit.  It was especially designed to accommodate Kindergarten activities.  The hall is also used as a learning center for mobile groupings.  It currently houses the newly acquired equipment of the Kindergarten level and functions as a playroom and holding area of the Kindergarten pupils during dismissal time.

The prayer room of the Grade School Unit is located at the second floor of Sta. Maria building at Sr. Willibalda Schrader Hall which is adjacent to the Campus Ministry office.  It  was constructed to provide the spiritual environment which allows the students to savor Gods’ presence during their quiet time and  to help them strengthen their faith as well as to ensure their holistic and integral human education through its services.

It serves as a venue  for spiritual and other classroom-related activities such as  recollections, confessions, orientations for retreats and recollection, morning praise for kinder and classroom religious activities. The prayer room can accommodate 60 persons. It is fully air conditioned.  It has an altar and complete Mass paraphernalia where a class could celebrate their Mass. The presence of images of the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica provide the  prayerful atmosphere in the prayer room.  

The Costumes/Props Room is located above the Materials Production Center at the ground floor of Sta. Maria Building.  The costumes and materials are grouped according to their use:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream Production, Christmas in Tondo, Stone Soup and other play productions in the Grade School.  Others are classified according to regions:  Mindanao, Central Luzon, Ilocos, Bicol, Cordillera, Visayas, etc.  Some costumes are used for definite functions; hence their use is restricted to certain occasions.  The decision as to which costume may be borrowed will be made by the Principal.

Costumes/props privileges are extended to all Grade School students, faculty, personnel and the Priory.  Borrowers may check out no more than 2 costumes at any given time upon presentation of ID and borrower’s form.  However, outsiders may borrow after presenting a letter of request and upon the approval of the Principal.  A fee is required for dry cleaning and repair of materials borrowed.