Empowering Students for Change: SSC Manila’s Campaign Takes Off with Notable Scholastican Alumnae Ambassadors

Mar 24, 2023 | 2023

St. Scholastica’s College Manila has recently launched a campaign entitled “Empowering Students for Change” which aims to inspire and encourage young men and women to be pioneers and leaders in society. To support this campaign, the Marketing and Communications Office of SSC Manila released its new Institutional and Inspirational Video featuring notable alumnae such as Senator Risa Hontiveros, Michelle Cobb, Selene Yu, Patricia Lasaten, Idr. Wilhelmina Garcia, Maria Aurora Carandang – Gloria, and Triciah Terada.

The launch event of the new campaign was held on February 9, 2023, a day before the feast of St. Scholastica. Many Kulasas, or SSC students, participated in the event to witness the future of the college in pursuit of empowering students for change.

During the event, the college awarded various Scholastican Ambassadors for their efforts in answering the call of influencing lives of others and the society. Three ambassadors, Ms. Selene Yu, Ms. Triciah Terada, and Capt. Maria Aurora Carandang – Gloria, were present during the awarding ceremony, while the other featured ambassadors gave inspiring video messages. These alumni shared with the students their experiences of how SSC Manila has molded them into pioneers and leaders in society.

Ms. Selene Yu, the Executive Director of Chevrolet and MG Philippines, and a proud Scholastican Alumna, shared her insights with the current SSC students, emphasizing how “Ora Et Labora” or prayer and work has been one of her mantras for life. Triciah Terrada, a correspondent for CNN Philippines, also encouraged Kulasas to be prime defenders of truth, as she herself faced various trials before becoming a journalist. Capt. Carandang-Gloria shared her experience in overcoming the obstacles of being the first female commercial airline pilot in Southeast Asia, knowing full well that the industry is known to be male-dominated.

The launch fest concluded with three Scholastican performing groups showcasing their talents in song and dance. The High School Glee Club sang a harmonious rendition of Bring Me a Water, Sylvie by Lead Belly, and Sarkela varnela by Jonas Tamulionis. The Continuing Dance Education Program showcased their ability to tell a story of campus life through interpretive dance, and Danz Edge stole the stage with their hip hop performance.

This event may be the first of its kind for St. Scholastica’s College Manila, but it is just the beginning of many more exciting and empowering events to come. The college is committed to its mission of empowering young men and women for change, and it will continue to inspire and encourage its students to be pioneers and leaders in society.

By John Raphael Gutierrez

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